Funny Bridal Shower Quiz Questions for Know the Bride Trivia Game

Funny Bridal Shower Quiz Questions for Know the Bride Trivia Game

Are you looking for free and printable bridal shower quiz questions for your bridal shower trivia game? This funny quiz game is sometimes called “How well do you know the bride game” – indeed, this is one of the most popular games played during bridal showers, plus this is also a fun game to play. These how well do you know the bride questions are guaranteed laughter for your party.

If you are planning to have know the bride bridal shower trivia as one of your games, then we have some fun questions for how well you know the bride that you should definitely include. Good bridal shower quiz game questions are often needed to make this game fun and exciting, so we have included some fun quiz questions for you to use.

Want more trivia? We’ve got Wedding Shoe Game Funny Questions – guaranteed laughter for your wedding reception.

How to Play Know The Bride Bridal Shower Trivia Game

This game gives everyone a chance to show how well they know the bride-to-be by answering bridal shower trivia game questions about the bride! After taking the quiz, the bride reveals her answers. The highest score wins and you can give out prizes to the people with the most points. Here are some wedding and bridal trivia quiz questions that you should include…

Fun Personal Trivia Questions for Wedding
Shower Game

  1. What is the bride’s shoe size?
  2. What is the bride’s favorite pizza topping?
  3. Who is the bride’s favorite actress or model?
  4. What is the bride’s favorite movie/TV show?
  5. What was the bride’s first pet?
  6. What was the bride’s first job?
  7. What is the bride’s dream car?
  8. What is the bride’s dream job?
  9. What is the bride’s favorite sports team?
  10. What is the bride’s preferred alcoholic beverage?
  11. Who is the bride’s favorite superhero?
  12. What is the bride’s favorite ice cream flavor?
  13. What is the bride’s best feature?
  14. If the bride could be any animal, what would she be?
  15. Who is the bride’s ultimate Hollywood crush?
  16. What was the bride’s most embarrassing moment?
  17. What is the bride’s favorite cocktail?
  18. When she was a little kid, what did the bride want to be?
  19. What was the bride’s first job?
  20. What is the bride’s favorite food?
  21. What is the bride’s favorite part of the body?
  22. What is the bride’s idea of a horrible date?

Couple Questions about their Meeting

how well do you know the bride

How well do you know the bride game

  1. Where did the couple first meet?
  2. Where did the couple first kiss?
  3. What was the first restaurant the couple went to together?
  4. What is the couples favorite restaurant?
  5. Where is the couples favorite ‘dating place?’
  6. Where did the couple go on their first date?
  7. Where did he propose to the bride?
  8. What was the first movie the couple watched together?
  9. How did he propose to the bride?
  10. How long were the couple dating?
  11. How long did it take him to kiss the bride?
  12. What was the bride’s first impression of the groom?

Trivia Bridal Shower Questions About the Future

  1. How many children does the bride want?
  2. What pets does the bride want to have?
  3. Where does the bride want to live?
  4. What is the first thing the bride wants to do after the wedding reception and party?

Wedding Shoe Game Funny Questions and Ideas for Your Party

Wedding Shoe Game Funny Questions and Ideas for Your Party

Looking for free and printable fun wedding games? The Newlywed Shoe Game, or Wedding Shoe Game is a popular game that can liven up your reception or wedding party – you just need a good list of wedding shoe game funny questions and you and your guests will be in fits of laughter. Want a wedding party your guests will remember forever? We got what you need…

What is the Wedding Shoe Game? How to Play it…

The game is usually introduced by the DJ, either straight after dinner, or during the party time.

The shoe game is a fun wedding reception party game for the bride and groom, which tests how much they know each other – in a fun and hilarious way. The game is played by putting two chairs back to back in the center of the party room or dance-floor – where the guests can see them. The bride and the groom then sit on the chairs back to back, so they are facing away from each other.

They are then asked to remove both their shoes and exchange one of their shoes with each other – so that the groom has his shoe in one hand and the bride’s shoe in the other. The bride also has her shoe in one hand and the groom’s shoe in the other.

The party DJ or the reception host then asks the fun shoe game questions and the happy couple answer the questions by holding up either their shoe, or their partner’s shoe to answer the question. This game is usually introduced as ‘who knows who better?’. Then questions like “who looks better in white?” are asked and the bride and groom can raise a shoe to answer. Sometimes their answers may not match and this is how the hilarity begins, especially if you have great questions to ask.

You can even have the audience bet on who will give the most correct answer or you can also let guests think of some ideas and ask fun questions. If everyone is in a good party mood then you can have some fun and naughty questions, too.

By the way, you don’t have to use shoes, I’ve seen this game played with many different objects for answering the questions, some examples are; pink and blue teddy bears,  pink and blue slippers, colored flags, photos of the bride and groom, pink and blue maracas, hand clappers, fairy wand and sword. If you don’t want to use shoes then you can be creative and think of a funny alternative.

Wedding Shoe Fun Questions for Guaranteed Laughter

The newlywed shoe game at weddings is guaranteed hilarity and excitement, here are questions you should include in your list of wedding shoe fun questions…

  1. When you were dating, who made the first move?
  2. Who is the biggest flirt?
  3. Who is more romantic?
  4. Who said “I love you” first?
  5. Who’s the better kisser?
  6. Who talked about marriage first?
  7. Who was the most nervous about the big day?
  8. Who is the better cook?
  9. Who’s in control over the remote control?
  10. Who goes to bed earlier?
  11. Who is up first in the morning?
  12. Who snores the most?
  13. Who’s more stubborn?
  14. Who takes longer to get ready?
  15. Who makes all the decisions?
  16. Who gave the first kiss?
  17. Who is the better driver?
  18. Who’s the faster driver?
  19. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  20. Who apologizes first after an argument?
  21. Who’s always right?
  22. Who has the final say?
  23. Who is the messiest?
  24. Who has the smelliest feet?
  25. Who’s more likely to pass gas in front of the other?
  26. Who is more forgetful?
  27. Who spends the most time in the mirror?
  28. Who spends most time in the bathroom?
  29. Who spends the most time in front of the TV?
  30. Who uses their iPad or iPhone more?
  31. Who spends more time on Facebook or twitter?
  32. Who’s more likely to deal with the dishes?
  33. Who has the best taste in clothes?
  34. Who has the best taste in music?
  35. Who dances better? (then you can let them prove it)
  36. Who sings better?
  37. Who spends more money?
  38. Who spends more on clothes?
  39. Who’s more generous in giving the other gifts?
  40. Who’s more likely to beat the red light?
  41. Who does the yard work?
  42. Who talks more?
  43. Who’s most likely to ask for directions?
  44. Who’s most likely to get lost?
  45. Who’s more likely to get up at 2am for baby feeding?
  46. Who’s going to be in control of the checkbook?
  47. Who’s more likely to crawl and clean the attic?
  48. Who complains more?
  49. Who’s the better story-teller?
  50. Who has the better sense of humor?
  51. Who’s shyer?
  52. Who’s most likely to yell at a telemarketer?
  53. Who will clean the toilet?
  54. Who will do the laundry?
  55. Who will take out the garbage?
  56. Who’s the first to fall asleep tonight?
  57. Who will initiate sex?
  58. Who’s most likely to say ‘not tonight’?
There are also wacky questions that you can ask that would surely make the crowd laugh if their answers don’t match. A couple of zany examples are:
  1. If both of you are trapped on an island where there is no food, who will most likely eat the other to stay alive?
  2. Who would most likely end up in jail?

You can always wrap it up with the final question “Who do you love most in the whole world?”

The wedding shoe game is always a lot of fun and everyone has a great time joining in and shouting questions and answers. Can you think of any funny shoe game questions? Did you play it at your wedding? Let us know…

Easy Free Bridal Shower Games and Activities 10 Printable Fun Ideas

Easy Free Bridal Shower Games and Activities 10 Printable Fun Ideas

Looking for printable free bridal shower games and activities? The laughter at bridal showers starts with plain old fun, simple bridal shower games and activities and of course, well-planned game ideas are a major factor that will make your party not only a success but memorable as well. We got some great games for you….

Bridal Showers; Games Quick Jump
Click on the game you want to see..

01 – Groom Question Game with Example Questions
02 – The Name Game
03 – Down Memory Lane
04 – Gift Shuffle
05 – Does She Know Me?
06 – Bridal Shower Bingo Game
07 – Who Am I?
08 – Toilet Paper Bridal Dress Race
09 – Guess The Price
10 – I’m a Billionaire

11 – Ideas for Bridal Shower Game Prizes

1. Bridal Shower Games; Groom Trivia Game

Preparation level: medium – you need to do some recording before the party.

Materials needed: A camera or video recorder to record your questions.

Variation: If you can’t record the questions on video then you can write them down.

This is one of the many popular and fun bridal shower games; groom questions game that your guests will love. First you ask the groom some questions before the bridal shower and record them on video – the questions are usually about the groom or the couple. It’s funny to see if the questions can be answered correctly or not.

During the bridal shower, using the video interview – ask the bride-to-be the same questions you asked the groom and check if the answers match. You can also ask your guests for guesses on how many questions the bride-to-be can answer correctly, they can even take part in the activity – trying to figure out the answers. You can turn this into one of those naughty bridal shower games by adding a few funny and naughty questions. Bridal shower trivia games can really be a lot of fun, especially if you think of some unusual or funny questions.

In some parties I’ve been to, each time the bride gets a question wrong, she has to do a forfeit – for example, put a bubble-gum in her mouth, drink a shot, remove an item of clothing – that kind of thing. With the right party mood it can be hilarious.

 Groom Bridal Shower Question Game – 25 Sample Questions

Here are some questions you can use…

  1. What was the groom’s favorite toy as a kid?
  2. What is the groom’s dream vacation destination?
  3. What is the groom’s favorite restaurant?
  4. What is the groom’s dream job?
  5. What is the groom’s favorite car?
  6. What is the groom’s favorite sports team?
  7. What is the groom’s favorite book?
  8. What was the groom’s or the bride’s most embarrassing moment?
  9. What is the groom’s favorite junk food?
  10. What is the groom’s favorite movie?
  11. What is the groom’s favorite song?
  12. If the groom could meet one famous person, who would it be?
  13. What is the groom’s favorite singer/band?
  14. If the groom could be any animal what would he be?
  15. What does the groom love most about the bride?
  16. What did the groom wear on their first date?
  17. How old was the groom when he had his first kiss?
  18. What was the groom’s first car?
  19. What is the groom’s favorite TV show?
  20. What was the groom’s first job?
  21. What is the groom’s most prized possession?
  22. If the groom were home alone for an evening, what would he feed himself?
  23. What is the groom’s favorite leisure time activity?
  24. When the groom was little, what did he want to be when he grew up?
  25. What was the groom’s first pet’s name?

Bridal Shower Game 2: The Name Game

Preparation level: easy

Materials needed: a timer or stopwatch

This is one of the simpler games to play at a bridal shower, it involves naming movies that have ‘bride’ in the title. You can also add movies that have ‘wedding’ or ‘love’ in the titles to make the name game last a little longer for all the bridesmaids and guests to participate. Of course, the person who can name the most number of movies wins.

Another variation of this is to name songs with the word ‘Love’ or ‘Bride’ or ‘Wedding’ in their title or you can also vary the rules by singing a line from songs that have ‘Love’ in it. The person who can’t think of a song in 3 minutes will be out of the circle. The last one left will then become the winner.

Bridal Shower Game 3: Down Memory Lane

Preparation level: easy

Materials needed: some paper and a box

One of the many heartwarming bridal shower games to play – and also a fun activity that you can do at your party is to give each of your guests a piece of paper where they write a memory or a past experience that involves the bride-to-be and then have them put the notes into a box.The bride-to-be then takes out one of the notes and tries to identify who wrote it. At many bridal showers I’ve been to, this one can bring a tear to the eyes. Activities like this can be enjoyed by everyone. Like heartwarming activities? We’ll give you some help and advice for choosing great bridal shower love poems and quotes.

Bridal Shower Game 4: Gift Shuffle

Preparation level: medium

Materials needed: small gifts bought by guests (wrapped)

This is one of those gift-giving games to play at bridal showers, it’s like secret-Santa and it works just as well – plus everyone goes home with something. Before the party (and this can be written on the bridal shower invite) each guest prepares a small gift, wrapped with just a number on it.

During the bridal shower, each guest chooses a piece of paper with a number on it and picks up the corresponding mystery gift and unwraps it. The gifts can be random or they could fit the theme of the party and also you might want to set a price limit on the gifts. To spice the game up, you can add an extra “naughty gift” into the pile and watch laughter unfold as they unwrap their funny gift.

Bridal Shower Game 5: Does She Know Me?

Preparation level: easy

Materials needed: a blindfold

Some games for a bridal shower work great with close friends and family – and this is one of them. The bride-to-be goes out of the room and then the shower guests take one item from their bag and place it on the table, it can be any small item, such as lipstick, hand-towel, car keys, gum, etc The bride-to-be returns and has to identify each guest from their item on the table. For a small variation and to make the game a little harder, you can blindfold the bride-to-be and have her identify what the items are. For added fun put some extra items on the table that have no connection with anyone! If you like lingerie bridal shower games then you can have guests put their lingerie on the table (clean of course).

Bridal Shower Game 6: Bridal Bingo Game

Preparation level: medium or easy version

Materials needed: printed bingo sheets or blank bingo grids

OK, so this is classic bingo and everyone loves bingo, it’s one of the best bridal shower games. If you are feeling generous then you can even provide some bridal shower game prizes for your guests.

Medium preparation – You prepare the bingo sheets with wedding words on them. The bingo grid can be 5×5, or 4×4 if you want a shorter version. To make it interesting, you’ll need to make different word variations for each set so your guests get different results.

Easy preparation – Actually this can turn into a sub-game itself, You just prepare and hand out blank bingo grid sheets (5×5 or 4×4) and then during the party your guests choose the bingo wedding words to be used and everyone writes them down on their own bingo sheet before the actual game of bingo begins.

Bridal Shower Game 7: Who Am I?

Preparation level: easy

Materials needed: a blindfold

This is similar to ‘Does she know me?’ game but you don’t use any items on the table. This time the bride-to-be goes out of the room and is blindfolded, One of the shower guests is selected and then the bride-to-be returns into the room, the selected guest and the bride-to-be shake hands and the bride-to-be has to guess who the guest is.

More who am i game ideas: Depending on how your guests are feeling, you can take the game further and have the bride-to-be feel other body parts of the selected guest, like the face, legs, etc  – this game works better after a few bottles of wine!

Bridal Shower Game 8: Toilet Paper Bridal Dress Race

Preparation level: easy

Materials needed: some toilet rolls, a timer or stopwatch

The toilet paper wedding dress game is an action game and guaranteed to cause laughter. Depending on how many guests you have, you make 2,3 or even 4 teams. Each team gets 2 toilet rolls and the idea is to turn one member of each team into a blushing (literally) bride – using the toilet roll material for a wedding dress!

Each team selects one member to be dressed up and then the teams race against the clock (you can set the time for however long or short you want) to dress the victim in toilet paper. Once the time is up then you can judge who is the best looking bride.  Prizes can also be awarded, too. Don’t forget to take photos of the results and put them on your Facebook page!

Bridal Shower Game 9: Guess the Price

Preparation level: medium

Materials needed: small gifts bought by guests (unwrapped with price-tag still attached)

This is similar to the “Gift Shuffle” game, Each guest buys a small gift but this time they don’t need to wrap it and they leave the price-tag attached.  Guests take it in turn introducing their gifts and then everyone has a guess at the price. The guest who guesses correctly, or is the nearest to the actual price gets to keep the gift. If you want each guest to go home with a gift then whoever wins a gift can’t guess anymore. If that doesn’t bother you then all the guests can guess each round and someone might win more than one gift. Again, like “Gift Shuffle” you might want to set a price limit on the gift buying.

Bridal Shower Game 10: I’m a Billionaire

Preparation level: medium

Materials needed: paper

This is good for a warm-up or ice-breaker, each guest writes 2 things about themselves on their paper, 1 thing is true, the other thing is false. For example, “I can juggle” and “I can’t swim”.  Guests take it in turn to read out their 2 things and the other guests guess which is true and which is false.  For a variation on this game, you can have the bride-to-be read out the notes and the other guests have to guess the guests name. You can use this game for “I like” “I don’t like” and if you want to spice it up a little, then you can choose a naughty theme that guests have to write about.

Want more free wedding shower games or bridal shower games ideas? Looking for more printable bridal shower games for free? Check out these wedding games and activities – guaranteed fun and laughter for everyone.

Prizes for Bridal Shower Games

When thinking about prizes for your bridal or wedding shower games and activities, they don’t have to be expensive. You can settle for fun prizes as well. Some of the best bridal shower game prizes that you can give to your guests are beauty products, lipsticks, note-cards, address books, manicure sets, gift cards, scrapbook kits, scented candles, picture frames and things like that. Other small girly things such as beads and necklaces, stationery, note pads, key-chains and even tickets to concerts can also make great bridal shower game gifts for your guests.