Wedding Poetry Reading

Wedding Poetry Reading

Some couples are opting for poetry readings, instead of a reading(s) from the scriptures. This could be for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being that they have no particular affiliation to a church, or are not practicing churchgoers.

Here is a love poem that my husband and I had read during our wedding ceremony. 

We chose our bridesmaid’s partner (now husband) to read the poem. As we had a small intimate wedding, it was important to us for everyone to have a role to play and participate in some way. 

Love Poem

Perhaps Love is like a resting placeA shelter from the storm,It exists to give you comfortIt’s there to keep your warm,And in those times of troubleWhen you are most aloneThe memory of Love will bring you home.

Perhaps Love is like a windowPerhaps an open door,It invites you to come closerIt wants to show you more,And even if you lose yourselfAnd don’t know what to doThe memory of Love will see you through

Perhaps Love is like the oceanFull of conflict full of change,Like firelight when it’s cold outsideLike thunder when it rainsIf I should like forever,And all my dreams come trueMy memories of Love will be of you. 08:05 +00:00 22:12 +00:00 13:23 +00:00 13:24 +00:00 13:25 +00:00 13:38 +00:00 16:24 +00:00 16:29 +00:00 17:21 +00:00 17:24 +00:00 20:41 +00:00 20:50 +00:00 21:34 +00:00 21:40 +00:00 21:44 +00:00 21:47 +00:00 21:50 +00:00 21:55 +00:00 21:58 +00:00 22:08 +00:00 09:24 +00:00 09:26 +00:00 09:29 +00:00 09:33 +00:00 09:37 +00:00 09:41 +00:00 09:46 +00:00 09:51 +00:00 09:54 +00:00 09:56 +00:00 09:58 +00:00 09:59 +00:00 10:03 +00:00 10:05 +00:00 10:07 +00:00 10:11 +00:00 10:16 +00:00 10:19 +00:00 14:37 +00:00 14:45 +00:00 14:48 +00:00 14:53 +00:00 14:56 +00:00 14:59 +00:00 15:03 +00:00 15:03 +00:00 21:00 +00:00 15:45 +00:00

What is a Wedding Planner?

What is a Wedding Planner?

Wedding Planner

When looking on any wedding sites you will find thousands of event organisers selling their services. This person, for a fee, wants to organise and arrange your wedding for you. As a bride and groom, you need to decide whether you are going to “do it yourself”, or hire such a person.

Duties (or job description) of a Wedding Planner:

To relieve the parents of the bride, and/or the bride and groom, of the stress of arranging a wedding, so that they may continue with their social and/or business activities with the minimal amount of interruption to their daily routine. 

Having met with the couple concerned the planner will:

– draw up an action plan which reflects the activities and tasks required in order to achieve the couples dream wedding day.

– having ensured that the action plan accurately reflects the couple’s requirements, it will then be costed, together with the planner’s fees, and a quote presented. (Once accepted the quote becomes your wedding budget.)

– fulfill the action plan within the agreed timeframe to achieve your dream wedding. (This is where all the hard work comes in!)

Thereafter you may expect from your wedding planner:

– a wedding timetable to be drawn up in order for you to enter key dates in your calendar, e.g. dress fittings, meeting with the priest, menu sampling, looking over your wedding venue if not being held at home, wedding dress rehearsals, etc. Click here for a wedding timetable. 

– a wedding day timetable also to be drawn up. This will include appointments with the hairdresser, make-up artist, etc. Click here for a wedding day timetable. 

– a schedule of regular meetings with the bride, groom, and bride’s parents to be produced; each meeting should be accompanied with an agenda to include: (i) update on progress to-date (written schedule of bookings made, deposits paid, etc.), (ii) items on which decisions are required, (iii) items for consideration, (iv) budget expenditure to date, (v) any problems with a solution, or alternative for your agreement.

A good planner will not have to be asked for the above. They will be highly organized and efficient, which is, after all, what you are paying them for. 

Pitfalls of a less than scrupulous Wedding Planner:

– insist on receiving a minimum of three quotes for each item, i.e. florist, caterers, photographers, etc. Some unscrupulous wedding planners receive back-handers for steering customers to use specific vendors/merchants.

– find out if they are receiving any commission from large wedding firms, outlet stores, etc. You may find yourself ordering double the amount you actually need.

– when signing a contract, insist that yours is the only wedding that your planner will be overseeing on your wedding day. It would be very unusual for the wedding planner not to attend your wedding, or be with you throughout the entire day.

– insist on receiving monthly statements of expenditure. You do not want to find that the planner has blown the entire wedding budget and you have run out of money midway through planning your wedding.

– ensure there are penalty clauses built into the contract, e.g. if the wrong colour flowers are ordered! But, also ensure that you fulfill your obligations so that the planner does not walk out at the 12th hour declaring you are in breach of the contract.

When to consider using a Wedding Planner:

I believe you would engage a planner to produce an end result that you could not have produced yourself, in terms of excellence and perfection. Time is something which you do not have much of due to your daily commitments. You wish to enjoy the whole event and not end up a nervous wreck. You are able to afford to engage such a person. Therefore:

– you are hiring a professional with the experience of having organized numerous weddings before, who has come across and overcome most, if not all, of the pitfalls

– you are buying insider knowledge, e.g. of the best caterers, excellent florists, finest wine supplier, etc, who can be relied upon. They know whom to avoid, who uses second hand quality goods, which does not use the freshest produce, etc.

– they have an eye for detail and can make suggestions about things you have never thought about.

– they have skills that you may not possess, e.g. if having a home wedding an eye for interior/exterior design, they can turn your vision into a reality

– they will know of events that your wedding should not clash with, they will be aware of social etiquette and expectations, they can prevent social faux pas

I do not think I need to go on further. To get the best out of your wedding planner, it is essential that you clearly communicate what you do and do not want. They may well become your confident. 10:51 +00:00 10:51 +00:00 12:56 +00:00 21:38 +00:00 22:17 +00:00 22:19 +00:00 22:24 +00:00 22:26 +00:00 13:58 +00:00 15:04 +00:00 13:47 +00:00 11:47 +00:00 20:55 +00:00 20:59 +00:00 21:04 +00:00 21:08 +00:00 21:12 +00:00 21:21 +00:00 21:24 +00:00 19:39 +00:00 19:46 +00:00 10:22 +00:00 10:27 +00:00 10:43 +00:00 14:58 +00:00 17:55 +00:00 18:04 +00:00

Wedding Night

Wedding Night

The Wedding Night:

Your wedding night will be your first night together as man and wife. After what will have been a very exciting, emotional, if not exhausting day, you have yet to celebrate in an intimate personal way. Traditionally it is the ”consummation” of your marriage. This should be a very special, significant moment. To ensure it is not ruined, it may be prudent, particularly for the groom, not to consume too much alcohol!

We do all night wedding photography

No Sex Before Marriage:

For some couples, this will be the first time they have joined together physically. If this is the case, this may be the most daunting part of the wedding. In Western cultures, sex is more explicitly discussed, along with family planning, so the Bride may have some knowledge of what to expect. In other cultures, e.g. India, where the female will usually not have enjoyed male company, or not have been left alone in the presence of a male, apart from her father or maybe brother, such restrictive values may limit the Bride in her awareness and emotional expectations. In these circumstances the Groom should be most considerate of his Bride. If necessary, sleep off any excess alcohol and wait until the following day to consummate the marriage.

For further details on wedding night sex, how to prepare and what to expect, click on the following links:  Wedding Night Sex  and  Preparation For Your Wedding Night.  

Already Intimate With Each Other:

Other couples will have enjoyed a physical intimacy, so the wedding night should not hold any trepidation for them. In these circumstances they are more likely to enjoy the opulence of their surroundings if they have booked into a Bridal Suite.

Alternatively some couples may decide to go home after their wedding prior to leaving for their honeymoon. Others may decide to head straight off for their honeymoon destination.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, it should not be underestimated how exhausted you will be, if not just from dancing the night away! I certainly could not remember eating much, if anything at all, and was ravenously hungry! So, my husband and I enjoyed a mid-night feast on the homemade quiches kindly left in our fridge by my mother. We opted to return home, having a 7 am flight the following morning to our first honeymoon destination. Our first honeymoon was designed for relaxation and to recover from the wedding. Our second honeymoon, two months later, was again designed for further relaxation, but we also enjoyed our love of scuba diving.

Bridal Suite:

Other newly weds I have spoken to have all emphasized how drained and exhausted they were after their wedding. They were unanimous in saying it took three to four days just to unwind, relax and catch up on some sleep, particularly if they were also jet lagged. The Bridal Suite for their wedding night, kitted out with luxury goods and associated pampering, was a must. 18:33 +00:00 19:58 +00:00 19:59 +00:00 19:59 +00:00 09:43 +00:00 10:31 +00:00 21:36 +00:00 17:07 +00:00 17:11 +00:00 22:13 +00:00 12:44 +00:00 11:36 +00:00 12:08 +00:00 20:51 +00:00 07:24 +00:00 21:03 +00:00 10:03 +00:00 10:24 +00:00 10:29 +00:00

Wedding Music And Entertainment

Wedding Music And Entertainment

The wedding music and entertainment played and provided during your wedding day falls into the following periods:

Prior to the wedding ceremony 
– During the wedding ceremony 
– Finale of the wedding ceremony 
– Pre wedding breakfast 
– During the wedding breakfast 
– After the wedding breakfast 
– At any evening wedding celebrations/parties

Prior to the wedding ceremony: the wedding music and entertainment will set the tone. Bearing in mind religious and cultural protocols, the duration of the music should cover the arrival and seating of all your guests, pre-wedding photographs and a sufficient variety to allow for a late bride!

During the ceremony:  you may or may not have a religious musical content. There are rules and regulations pertaining to the playing/singing or religious music in a non-religious setting – so check with your marriage celebrant. You may wish for a choir, a soloist to play, or have a poetry reading (s), during your ceremony and particularly during the signing of the register. Click here for my two favorite poetry readings: wedding sonnet and poetry reading.

At the closure of your wedding: again allow sufficient music to cover guests leaving the venue and photographs being taken. If marrying in a church you may wish to organise a peel of the church bells. 

The wedding music/entertainment thereafter: will definitely reflect (a) cultural traditions, (b) the number of guests and (c) “downtime”. Downtime is when guests should be entertained. For example when they are waiting for the Bridal Party e.g. to arrive at the wedding breakfast venue, waiting in a Wedding Reception Line, waiting for photographs to be taken, waiting to be seated and/or served during the Wedding Breakfast, inbetween courses and the transition period to further celebrations.

Simple piped music, a chamber orchestra, a string quartet, strolling minstrels, roving magician(s), Irish/Greek/jazz/theme band, a wedding singer, a dance troupe, a cabaret act, clowns/jugglers, bagpipes, are some of your numerous choices. As you know by now, your finances may impact upon your choice. 

Please don’t forget any noise restrictions which may be applicable, or if necessary to obtain a music lisence. 10:26 +00:00 10:42 +00:00 10:52 +00:00 10:59 +00:00 11:08 +00:00 11:13 +00:00 11:16 +00:00 11:19 +00:00 11:23 +00:00 13:32 +00:00 13:38 +00:00 13:42 +00:00 13:46 +00:00 13:49 +00:00 13:54 +00:00 13:58 +00:00 14:06 +00:00 14:18 +00:00 10:50 +00:00 14:28 +00:00 14:32 +00:00 16:52 +00:00 17:32 +00:00 17:51 +00:00 20:06 +00:00 21:00 +00:00 21:34 +00:00 21:38 +00:00 14:36 +00:00 15:07 +00:00 16:03 +00:00 19:21 +00:00 23:01 +00:00 22:06 +00:00 07:01 +00:00 17:33 +00:00 08:51 +00:00 09:25 +00:00 08:56 +00:00 20:39 +00:00 10:01 +00:00 18:24 +00:00 18:49 +00:00 08:25 +00:00

Wedding Jewelry How To Sparkle On Your Wedding Day

Wedding Jewelry How To Sparkle On Your Wedding Day

Wedding jewelry is a very individual, personal and often sentimental choice. There is no right or wrong, or set protocol. So, let’s start with the Bride’s jewelry. (Click on the links for further information.)

Brides Jewelry: 
– gold wedding ring (gold rings) 
– or diamond wedding ring (diamond rings) 
– tiara to hold the veil in place 
– necklace 
– ear rings (studs or clip-ons) 
– bracelet 
– watch 
– hairclips/jewel comb 
– jewel clutch bag 
– jewel powder compact/lipstick case 
– traditional/cultural marriage adornments

Groom’s Jewelry: 
– gold wedding ring  
– or, diamond wedding ring  
– cuff links 
– watch 
– evening shirt studs 
– tie pin 
– swizzle stick 
– money clip 
– traditional/cultural marriage adornments

Following the saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ….” Some of the jewelry will be in the form of a gift between the bride and groom. Other pieces may be a family heirloom, or a borrowed item from a close friend/relative.

The style of jewelry should compliment and not clash with/overpower the dress/outfit you have chosen. Some dresses may require very few accessories, if any at all. It may be the case that it is the brides dress which has precious/semi precious stones sewn into it. Your skin tone, as well as the colour of your dress, will influence the colour of jewelry you choose.

Some couples like the idea of his and her wedding bands, and/or watches. They may even have special inscriptions/messages engraved on them with the date of the wedding.

Your jewelry may incorporate your birthstones or family coat of arms. It may reflect your origins e.g. a piece made out of Welsh gold. It may reflect your artistic tendencies having your own design made for you. It is certainly something that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

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Wedding Guests Who Do You Invite

Wedding Guests Who Do You Invite

Wedding guests: Whose responsibility is it to draw up the guest list? How do you decide whom to invite? What if there are only limited numbers? What if the budget simply won’t stretch? What if …….

Af de skønne steder på Sjælland, Jylland og Fyn vi gerne vil pege på når det kommer til bryllupper er:

Traditional Wedding:

Classically it is the mother of the bride and the bride in consultation with the groom and his parents who draw up the wedding guest list. If it is the bride’s parents who are paying for the wedding reception then, having exhausted all discussions, it is the bride’s parents who make the final decision.

DIY Wedding:

In this instance the bride and groom have the responsibility. Each should make a point of asking their parents who they would like to be included in the guest list. The final decision will, in this instance be with the bride and groom. 

Whom to invite:

The numbers will predominantly depend upon your budget and space available at the venue(s). If having a small wedding, it is usual to limit your guests to immediate family and bridal party i.e. chief bridesmaid, best man and their respective partners.

Thereafter, you may wish to extend your guest list to include any godparents, other family relatives and very close friends.

For larger weddings the guest list tends to fall into the categories of: 
– bridal party 
– family/relatives 
– godparents 
– close friends of the parents (generally known to the bride and/or groom) 
– friends of the bride and groom 
– bride and groom’s social set 
– bride and groom’s work colleagues

As a rule of thumb, the bride and groom between them should know all their guests. If you find people on your guest list you do not know, I would question why they are being invited. There is a difference between the gathering of family who you may not see between major family events, and asking a person whom you have not been in contact with since you left high school!

Wedding Bouquets And Floral Decorations

Wedding Bouquets And Floral Decorations

Wedding Bouquets and Floral Decorations: First, if you have not read the section on “Get Those Quotes” then do so. Why? It shows, as an example, how to choose a florist, which I hope you will find useful. 

So, having chosen a florist, what exactly is it that you need to order in terms of wedding bouquets and floral decorations? 

You will need some, or all, of the following: 

– Bride’s bouquet 
– Bridesmaid(s) bouquet(s) 
– Flowers for bride’s and bridemaid(s) hair 
– Wedding corsages for close female relatives (flowers/colours to match bride’s bouquet) 
– Mini corsages for the Groom and Best Man, or 
– Button holes for Groom & Groomsmen (flowers/colours to match the bride’s bouquet) 
– Button holes for Bride’s guests (colour may differ e.g. white) 
– Button holes for Broom’s guests (colour may differ e.g. red) 
– Floral arrangements for the wedding ceremony venue (inc’ entrance, pew ends, altar, pulpit/lectern, columns, register signing table, windowsills) 
– Floral arrangements and/or sprays for the wedding cake 
– Floral arrangements for the wedding breakfast venue (inc’ enterance, reception, tables, buffet tables, dance floor etc.) 
– Floral tributes, e.g. for Bride’s and Groom’s mothers, special guests 
– Floral decorations in/on your wedding transport 
– Basket of flower petals for the Flower Girl 
– Flower petals for guests to throw as confetti (check venues rules & regulations).

The next step is to choose your flowers: type, colour, style of bouquet. All the other orders will follow the theme of your bouquet.

You may wish to consider the symbolism linked to wedding flowers, be wandering how to start assembling a centerpiece, or need some DIY tips. If so click on the following link: alternative floral ideas and DIY Wedding Flowers.  

When choosing your flowers you will need to consider: 

– if they are/are not in season; 
– if they are grown locally/native to your country/need to be imported; 
– how perishable they are particularly if you wish for your bouquet to be freeze dried. If this is the case you may wish to have a second bouquet, the other to be “thrown” at your departure to your guests.

Don’t forget to organise the transportation/delivery of the flowers to the various venues. For example, button holes to the groom and groomsmen, bouquets for the mothers to the wedding breakfast venue etc. Ensure there is someone to receive the flowers and co-ordinate their placement.


Wedding Expos

Wedding Expos

What are Wedding Expos?

Wedding or Bridal Exhibitions are where you find those merchants in the wedding business. Most will display their wares. For example, you will find fashion houses or boutiques showing brides and bridesmaids dresses, bridal accessories. Then there will be merchants promoting grooms formal hire wear, tailors, bakers with displays of cakes and tasting plates, caterers, wedding co-coordinators and decorators, marriage celebrants, florists, stationers, photographers, videographers, the list is endless!

Should I visit a Wedding Expo?

If possible I would recommend that every bride-to-be visit a Wedding Expo. If possible I would also take along with you your mother and chief bridesmaid. It may be a little much to ask a man to “suffer” browsing amongst stalls all day!

Why go? Quite simply because they are brilliant for picking up ideas. They may confirm what you do not want, as well as what you like. They provide options, particularly if you are struggling achieving your first choice. You will find merchants in every budget category. Most importantly, the majority of larger expos will have a ”Bridal Business Directory” for sale. It will usually be cheaper to pick up at the expo than in your news agency. It will have the names, addresses and contact details of all the wedding merchants in your area.


Bargains and Competitions

Free samples, tasting, and special offers are all part of bridal expos. There are usually numerous competitions to enter and almost everyone I have been to include a competition to win a honeymoon!

Some have a timetable of events that may include live demonstrations, fashion shows, fitness programmes, etc. So in most instances you are really getting value for money in your entry fee.

Where are they held?

Wedding/Bridal Expos are usually held in most major exhibition centers in your region/state world- wide.

How much does it cost?

You will incur your traveling expenses to and from the exhibition center. In most cases there is an entry fee. Thereafter, the costs you incur are down to you e.g. taking a picnic versus eating in a café or food hall, buying products, etc.

Some Tips

You will collect an enormous amount of literature – pamphlets, coloured brochures, business cards, samples, etc during your time at the exhibition. Whilst most give out free exhibition packs and bags with the entry ticket, do not underestimate how heavy your bags will get! 

Take a notebook and jot down those contacts you wish to follow up. You may not be able to recall which, out of the dozen of so photographers you saw, you preferred.

Wear a low healed shoe, which you are comfortable walking in all day.

How do I find out about expos in my area?

You may search on any of the web search engines, or click here.

Wishing you every future happiness.

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette: before you launch into announcing your forthcoming nuptials to the world, perhaps it may be prudent to start off with a few basics. Most of these basics are what I would call common sense. They should not be taxing in any way and can be relied upon to help you avoid putting your foot in the ……, in fact these basics start immediately for the groom to be:

Asking For Your Bride’s Hand In Marriage:

You may already have ascertained that your partner is amenable to becoming your wife, but traditionally the Groom should make an appointment with the Bride’s father, or guardian, to ask permission for their daughter’s hand in marriage. I see no reason why such etiquette should not be applied to same sex marriages.


Announcing Your Forthcoming Nuptials:

Having said “Yes” the order of informing your family and friends is as follows. First by word of mouth (i) close family, (ii) extended family, (iii) close friends. Secondly, by putting a formal announcement in the paper. 

Wedding Etiquette For Introducing the Two Families:

The Groom’s mother should initiate the introductions between the two families. This may vary from an informal luncheon to formal dinner party. If the geographical location of the families prevents this, an introductory letter welcoming the daughter-in-law to be into the family by the Groom’s mother should be sent. In some instances a formal engagement party is arranged. Wedding photos rule

For further information click on the following link meeting the in-laws.

Who pays for what?

– the groom purchases the engagement ring 
– the bride and groom buy a wedding ring for each other 
– the bachelor party is hosted and paid for by the best man 
– the bride and groom purchase their own wedding outfits and accessories 
– the groom’s family host and pay for the wedding dress rehearsal dinner 
– the groom is responsible for purchasing the bride’s bouquet, mothers corsages, and buttonholes for himself, his groomsmen and ushers 
– the bride’s family purchases the bridesmaids bouquets, grandmothers corsages, flowers for the ceremony, reception and any additional flowers wanted, e.g. pew ends, arch for the entrance of the church. 
– the printing and stationery is the bride’s family’s responsibility 
– the marriage license is paid for by the groom, as are the clergy/officient’s fees 
– the church fee, choir’s fee and any soloist’s fee is paid for by the bride’s family 
– the wedding breakfast (reception), catering, entertainment, cake, favours, photography, etc. is hosted and paid for by the bride’s family 
– attendants in the bridal party pay for their own outfits. However, if a one-off specific colour and style of dress is to be made the bride’s family may pay. 
– junior attendants outfits are paid for by their families 
– the groom is responsible for paying for the gloves, ties, ascots for his attendants 
– the groom also picks up the wedding transport and honeymoon expenses

Wedding Etiquette and the Bride’s Mother:

The bride’s mother takes on the role of wedding planner and wedding planning. Click on the following links for further information – role of the bride’s mother  and  wedding planner. 

It is important that the bride’s mother liaises with the groom’s mother. The groom’s mother should assist, for example, producing their complete list of guests in a timely manner. 

Wedding Ceremony and Head Table Seating Arrangements:

Please click on the following links: 

–  wedding ceremony seating 
–  head table seating 
–  wedding banquet etiquette 

Responsibilities of the Bridal Party:

Please click on the following links for a complete list of duties and responsibilities: 

–  bride’s father 
–  groom’s mother 
–  best man 
–  bridesmaid 
–  chief bridesmaid/matron of honor 
–  pregnant brides

The Steps for Canceling Your Wedding:

Click on the following link for all the steps you need to take and associated documentation – cancelling your wedding 

Other Wedding Etiquette Tips:

– only publish your wedding gift list by word of mouth, never put it on the wedding invitation 
– wedding gifts received prior to the wedding should not be used until after the wedding 
– traditionally only wedding guests should be invited to a bridal shower. However, work colleagues not invited to your wedding may wish to have a few drinks to toast you on your way. 
– brides should never host their own bridal shower 
– the same guest should not be invited twice to different bridal shower functions 
– destination wedding etiquette, click on the following link:  destination weddings. 
– for alternatives when considering those who suffer from allergies click on the following link:  wedding allergies. 
– do not forget to write your thank you letters

Wedding etiquette is about treating others as you would wish to be treated. In order not to make a faux pas treading sensitively, considerately and compassionately may be a good idea. After all, you will be starting the new era of compromise!


Wedding Dresses for you

Wedding Dresses for you

When the words wedding dresses, or bridal gown, are spoken another word automatically springs to mind – that of diets! The two are inextricably linked with each other! Brides transform themselves into beautiful princesses, radiating love, happiness and joy. Brides, in their fairytale gowns are the centre of attention and deservedly so. Brides want to look perfect for their groom. 

The choice of wedding dress, in my opinion, should be the Brides. After all it is her dream day. It is sometimes difficult for a Bride to be objective and they may need to be guided if a certain style they are considering is unflattering. So, Brides – please be realistic! Take a friend, who you trust, to help guide you. Remember, if you ask for the truth you may not hear the response you want. Also remember, that if a shop assistant is on a sales commission he/she may not have your best interests at heart! Finally, remember you will be looking at your wedding dress in your wedding photographs for the rest of your life!

When choosing a wedding dress some brides throw comfort out of the window. How advisable is this? Just think of the wedding night. Do you want red angrey blisters, sores from chaffed skin, strange looking welts over your body? The resounding answer should be no!

Now the question of colour. Whether or not to wear white is far less of an issue (if one at all) as it is no longer synonymous with virginity. It is more likely to be your skin tone which will dictate whether you choose white, off white, ivory, cream, pearl, or a different colour. Then there is the material – a satin, silk (matt or sheen), tulle, lace, organza, etc. Current fashion is more likely to dictate the style you choose. Also if a dress is to be adorned with beads, seed pearls, crystals, feathers, etc.

Sentiment:Instead of new, some brides choose vintage. Others choose to wear their mother’s wedding dress. There is a difference! Whist it is a beautiful idea there are some pitfalls wearing a relatives dress: mother and daughter being different shapes, sizes, heights, colouring and complexion. Whilst the sentiment is pure, I have witnessed one or two disastrous results, one where a bride lost all her shape (the dress hung straight from her shoulders). The veil – too heavy, being held in place by a dated tiara, slid down the bride’s forehead – her nose preventing it from sliding any further!!!

Wedding accessories: must always be considered. For example, if you intend to wear a show-stopping necklace, then a plainer dress to highlight the necklace may be your best bet. It is best to try on such accessories with various gowns first, prior to purchase! Click here for further wedding accessories details. 

When choosing a wedding dress, try on everything! Keep an open mind. Shop around for the best buys. Ask a friend to take notes of preferences/ ideas you have. Use the sales to your advantage. Consider hiring, or having a dress made, or making your own. For the best results, do your research, be realistic and resist going over budget!