Creative Wedding Engagement Present Ideas and Gift Advice

Looking for wedding engagement gifts for your dear friend? You may be thinking of wedding engagement present ideas that can help you find that perfect gift for her. We got a few ideas…

Gift Advice for Wedding Engagement Parties

Before you scramble to the shop to find a good gift, you should remember one of the important rules where engagement parties are concerned. Engagement parties often and usually do not require gifts from guests, unless you are someone very close to the bride. If you are invited to an engagement party, consider this before looking for a gift.

Of course, there is no problem buying your friend a gift to celebrate their good news and giving it to them before or after the party. Remember too that wedding engagement gifts are not like wedding gifts. Often, they are just simple and something personal, so no household items or appliances. Before buying that gift, ask yourself, do you need to take a gift to an engagement party? So if you are looking for gift ideas for a wedding engagement, here are a few..

Unique Engagement Gifts for That Special Friend

  • A book about marriage
  • Red wine that may come in a personalized bottle
  • Personalized newlywed apron
  • Custom made Wall art
  • Cashmere throw (you can have this monogrammed)
  • Personalized flutes
  • Gift certificates to a spa for 2
  • A Recipe Book
  • Personalized ornament with the couple’s names.
  • Personalized silver photo frames

Make Them Laugh with Funny Engagement Gifts

        • A set of mugs with fun “I said yes” wording
        • A pair of T-shirts with funny slogans
        • Decorated pillow-cases with your personalized funny wording
        • A “cookbook” which is really a folder with a collection of take-out menus
        • A sleeping mask or ear-plugs (if you know the groom snores!)
        • The famous Kamasutra book
        • A DIY “wedding survival kit” – you can go for small items for this one
        • 2 Television remotes
        • Some pink gloves for dish-washing


Financial Gifts

Apart from these engagements gifts, you can also offer the couple to pay for a particular part of their wedding. Say, you pay for the bride’s shoes or you might want to shoulder the cost of the wedding invites – whatever it is that you can afford financially and what the bride needs as well. Certainly, this will be much appreciated by the engaged couple. What is an appropriate amount for a wedding gift? There are so many creative ideas for engagement gifts and wedding presents and some can even be DIY wedding engagement gifts. If you are going to a party then check to see if a present is required or not.

Got any ideas for gifts? Have you gotten any unique gifts? Comment, tweet, let us know..

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