Easy Wedding Cake Ideas for Small Weddings

Small weddings have become a growing trend among couples these days especially in this tight economy and if you are thinking about cutting the cost of your wedding, then you can start with pricey wedding cakes. Read on for some easy wedding cake ideas for small weddings…

A small wedding often denotes a small number of guests and with that, you don’t have to prepare a wedding cake that would end up uneaten. In fact, in many weddings, the cake is the last thing that is served and most of the cake is left uneaten – so why spend huge amounts of money on something that may just go to waste?

Small Wedding Cake Ideas

For small weddings, you may find it practical to opt for small wedding cakes or even smaller individual wedding cakes for each guest. Yes, you don’t have to have that huge wedding cake for just a few wedding guests and even if you have something small, there are still well-designed small wedding cakes that are elegant and have that wow factor despite of its size. Indeed, it does not matter if you have a smaller cake if it is elegantly adorned and decorated.

If you just wanted to have a small wedding cake for your reception, there are actually couture wedding cakes that can truly impress your guests. Many cake designers these days are also exploring differently shaped and designed cakes – ones that look like jewelry boxes, cakes that look like designer bags and many other customized wedding cake designs that are also unique. They may not be inexpensive but they can be an option if you just prefer a small cake for your wedding reception.

Budget Wedding Cake Ideas

Having a tight budget is one of the main reasons many couples opt for smaller wedding cakes and if you are looking for the best wedding cake on a budget, opt for single tiered cakes. Two- or three tiered wedding cakes can be a little costly because of the work needed in putting one on top of another. Single tiered wedding cakes can also be as elegant as you want it to be. We got more ideas when it comes to catering for weddings on a budget.

One of the great wedding cake ideas to help you cut down on your cost is to opt for mini wedding cakes or cupcakes that you can arrange into three layers to make it look like a three-tiered wedding cake. There are many cool wedding cake toppers you can use for your mini cake.

Keep in mind too that the best tips to make smaller weddings work for you is to find ways to cut cost and opting for a less expensive wedding cake can be one of your best options when it comes to wedding ideas on a small budget.

What kind of cake are you having for your wedding? Is it OK to have a small wedding cake? Comment, tweet, let us know…

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