How To Have A Backyard Wedding: Ideas and Planning Advice

Love to have an outdoor wedding and say “I do” right there? If you have a well-manicured lawn or you have great blooms in your backyard garden, you might want to consider how to have a backyard wedding.

How To Have A Backyard Wedding – Here is a quick guide, plus some big and small backyard wedding ideas you can use..

How to Plan a Backyard Wedding?

The secrets to great backyard weddings start with good planning. Certain things will affect what you can and can’t do and you have to think about them first.

    • Is your yard big enough to accommodate all your guests? If the weather gets bad, will they all fit inside your house?
    • Are you allowed to have a party in your neighborhood? Check
       if you need a permit, especially if you are having a lot of guests and you want to play music. Don’t forget your neighbors.
    • Do you have facilities available for a do it yourself backyard wedding reception? Enough tables, chairs, adequate lighting, toilets, etc? Think about renting the things you need.
    • If this is going to be a wedding at home, make sure your officiant is fully licensed.
    • Where will your guests stay after your wedding? Make sure they have a place to stay.

Ideas for Garden Backyard Weddings

– Prepare an arbor, wedding arch or gazebo as well as a canopy. You can exchange your ‘I Dos’ under the arbor and have a canopy for your buffet table. Have a tent at standby – this is always important if you’re having a wedding in your backyard. The weather can be unpredictable and for sure, a good tent or a canopy can at least offer some shade and shelter for your guests. Certainly a good idea for a casual backyard wedding.

– Be creative with your wedding theme. When backyard wedding planning, you don’t have to stick to a garden themed wedding just because you are in your backyard. You can be creative and go for some fantasy, like a Lord of the rings theme – even with a backyard wedding, go for it and use your imagination! One garden wedding I attended, the couple went for an “Alice in Wonderland” theme and it felt just like being in the movie.

 Put natural decor to good use. Have a cost effective backyard wedding, save on wedding decorations and use your natural surroundings. When thinking about your backyard wedding decoration ideas, blooming summer flowers or your exotic ornamental plants can be of good use for your backyard wedding, so use them for your wedding accessories. If you have a good vine in your garden, then make it your backdrop for your wedding. Make use of your own backyard flowers for your centerpiece or as accents to your seating area or the trees around the garden. Using the things you already have in your yard is a good way to have a cheap backyard wedding.

How about having a backyard bridal shower party? We’ve got some great advice.

Add music to your backyard wedding. If you have good lighting, then also the right kind of music is important for your wedding. You can set the mood from a simple backyard garden to a romantic wedding venue. Of course, if you are planning music – keep in mind your neighbors and the people living around you.

– Use good lighting to accentuate your garden and make the venue more romantic and inviting. Lanterns set up in trees can be a good idea. LED lights installed in your garden can also be great to turn your backyard into an amazing wedding venue, especially if your wedding and reception will last into the night.

Be ready when it comes to your wedding guests needs. Provide portable outside toilets if you don’t want people lining to use your own facilities. Make sure to limit your home to immediate family only. Some wedding guests, especially relatives, may expect that they can stay overnight at your own home – this may be a problem. Be prepared by finding hotels and nearby accommodation they can use.

A backyard wedding is something that is possible and in fact, a sentimental way to get married right in your own garden, but unlike having your wedding reception in a restaurant or some other usual venue, planning a wedding in your backyard can mean that you have to take care of a few things that you wouldn’t usually plan for – such as providing shade and cover for your guests, arranging tables and chairs, as well as making sure that your guest’s stilettos don’t sink into your garden soil!

Would you have a wedding in your own backyard? Got any unique stories? Comment and let us know…

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