Bridal Wedding Processional Ideas and Etiquette for Your Ceremony

When it comes to wedding processional ideas, many couples are tied to the traditional way of doing it because of the rules of etiquette that you are bound to follow when it comes to weddings. Especially if you are having a church wedding, then you have no other choice but follow the rules of the church when it comes to wedding processional guidelines.

When thinking about church weddings, it’s important to remember wedding processional etiquette – but as modern weddings have more freedom when it comes to wedding venues, a number of unique processional ideas have also come up. Although there are some churches that are not that strict when it comes to the wedding ceremony, the couple can even create their own way of walking down the aisle. If you haven’t seen the JK Wedding entrance video on YouTube, which became viral, I suggest you watch it and see how times have changed when it comes to wedding ceremony processional and choice of wedding processional song.

Some people are tired of listening to Canon in D or to the Bridal Marchhere comes the bride…. All dressed in white” wedding processionals. These days, wedding planning has evolved into breaking traditions without being rude, while keeping to rules of etiquette. If you are a bride-to-be who wants to explore the world of uniqueness for your upcoming wedding, you most probably are looking for everything unique – unique wedding processional, unique wedding processional songs, unique bridal gown, unique wedding reception ideas, unique first dance and so on and so forth. and there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone wants their own personal wedding. Most brides want to be first and want to impress their guests with something new and as long as it won’t put their guests’ safety on the line, and there is nothing improper about it, then everything is fine. Want more? We got great ideas when it comes to wedding songs for a church ceremony – traditional and modern.

If you are looking for wedding ceremony ideas, especially when it comes to walking down the aisle, here are a few suggestions that you may want to consider. However, you should first make sure that it’s allowed, depending on the type of wedding you are planning.

Dance Down the Aisle – Yes, the name says it all. Instead of formally walking down the aisle, some couples dance their way to the altar – together with the wedding party just like the JK wedding entrance. However, this may not be acceptable in some churches for some priests or the officiating officer, so make sure you are given the green-light before attempting to have this type of processional.

  •  Serenade Me. One wedding I attended was memorable because the groom sang while the bride was walking down the aisle. If your groom has great talent for singing or even playing the saxophone, then you can actually make your wedding procession a sort of ‘serenade’.
  • Order of Wedding Processional – If the unique wedding ceremony suggestions above are not feasible for you and your wedding entourage, then you can also choose your wedding processional order to walk down the aisle. For some, the gentlemen walk down the aisle first, wait for the ladies and meet each one of them halfway and walk with them onwards. In some cases, the gentlemen use one aisle and the ladies the other, meeting at the altar. For some, especially for weddings held outdoors, the gentlemen in the wedding party walk in together first then they wait for the bridal processional to walk in one by one, or the bride and groom walk in together.

We’ve got some tips for unusual and unique wedding programs ideas and suggestions for your wedding. Indeed, there are a number of variations for the wedding party processional ‘walk down the aisle’. You can also choose different ideas for your processional music and wedding processional songs to match the idea that you have for the processionals. You can find modern wedding processional music these days that can match your preferences as well.

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