Choosing Destination Wedding Men’s Attire for a Beach Wedding

Caribbean? Hawaii? Paris? You are probably thinking of having a destination wedding somewhere tropical where the beaches are electric blue and the sand, pearly white. Or maybe European castles or the Eiffel Tower? What about him? What kind of destination wedding men’s attire are you going to choose?

“What can my man wear for a beach wedding?” A bride once asked me. One dilemma with beach weddings is what to wear. Is swimwear acceptable? Is a suit appropriate? What is the best men’s attire for a beach wedding? Read on ‘cos we got some advice for you…

When it comes to beach wedding attire for men, the first things that come to mind are suits and tux but are they appropriate or even comfortable for a beach wedding? Imagine your groom wearing a tux with slippers on the beach – they may not be the right match. Sometimes a couple can even go barefoot on a beach wedding – but what can a groom wear that is good for a beach venue?

You do have a lot of choices on you want to wear on the day of your wedding but you also have to make sure you are dressed appropriately and not wear something that is not presentable. Another consideration you have to make is to be sure that you are comfortable. Especially in tropical places and summer months, you don’t want to be uncomfortable during your wedding day.

One of the most popular men’s wedding attire for a beach wedding is a linen or cotton shirt and drawstring pants or puckered shorts. Footwear may be sandals or even barefoot. A silky free flowing material for your attire is ideal for beach weddings too.

Choosing the Right Beach Wedding Shirts for Men on The Beach

Beaches! Ah, they are romantic places to get married – but of course, if the bride wants to wear a colorful beach ensemble for the wedding, men may want to opt for colorful Hawaiian shirts or Cuban shirts called Guayabera. White linen shirts can also be a clean, good choice of attire for any beach wedding and can also go well with any beach attire that the woman chooses for herself.

Considering Men’s Wedding Attire for Beach Wedding

Linen shirts – For men’s linen beach wedding attire, a popular choice for men on the beach are linen shirts. Whether you wear it with long or short sleeves, this can be a great option. With long-sleeved linen shirts, you can choose to roll up the sleeves after the ceremony as well for a more casual look. In fact, linen shirts are popular choices when it comes to men’s casual beach wedding attire.

Cotton shirts – Under hot tropical sun, you would love the feel and comfort of cotton shirts. You can also choose to have long or short sleeves. Especially for tropical beaches, you don’t want to be drenched in sweat on your big day, so make comfort a priority along with style.

Suit – A safer choice when it comes to men’s attire for beach wedding style is a suit if you still want to look more formal on your big day. You can choose linen or cotton for comfort.

Guayabera shirt – Thinking of having a destination wedding somewhere in the Caribbean or on a tropical beach? You may want to add that tropical touch to your wedding by wearing a Guayabera shirt. The Guayabera is a button-up shirt that is also a popular wedding shirt, not only in Cuba or the Latin Americas but also becoming widely known in some parts of America and Asia. You can also customize your Guayabera shirt depending on your style preferences as well as your wedding theme.

Hawaiian shirt / Aloha shirt – Hawaiian shirts are printed, short-sleeved, collared ones that may bear some floral prints on it and are in fact, colorful shirts that even the groom can wear on the wedding. They are not just colorful but also comfortable to wear as well. If your bride is thinking of wearing a bathing suit under her sarong for the beach wedding, a Hawaiian shirt or an Aloha shirt may be good for the groom to match the bride’s attire.

Formal Destination Wedding Men’s Suits for Style

If your man is one of those men who doesn’t care what he wears, at least, you have to make sure that he brings and wears something presentable and appropriate for the place you plan to go. If you are going to get married in a European castle, then you surely want your man to bring a suit or a tux. A formal wedding ceremony needs a formal attire, and for men, that can mean suits or tux. Bring one yourself. Suit or tux rentals may be a little hard to find especially if you are somewhere far from the city. But even if the ceremony is formal, you also have to prepare for something you can wear as soon as the fun begins.

Attire for Tropical Weddings Away from Home

No swimming trunks please! Even if your bride is wearing her bikini underneath the sarong as her wedding get-up, you cannot just wear your swimming trunk and say “I do“. Again, linen or cotton shirts can be a great attire for men when going for a beach wedding. Always have them ready before setting to go to your destination. White shirts and linen pants are clean, wise choices for beach weddings.

If the destination wedding you have in mind is something that is not too formal, you can even find an attire on the destination itself. Hawaiian shirts or white cotton shirts paired with colorful Hawaiian shorts may be just what you need to make that destination wedding happen.

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Indeed, one of the tricky parts of beach wedding planning – choosing the right attire for the ceremony, it’s different from the formal get-up for a traditional church ceremony. But I say, it should not be something stressful for you. There are many choices and you just have to pick what’s best for your wedding theme and your taste as well.

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Going on a beach or destination wedding? What clothes do you suggest? Comment and let us know…

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