How Much are Destination Weddings? – What is The Average Cost?

How much are destination weddings? Certainly, if you are a bride-to-be, you would ask this question in the hope of finding out if they are cheaper than traditional at-home weddings.

So, roughly how much does a destination wedding cost? How much does a destination wedding cost in the Caribbean? We do the math and give some price examples you can think about…

Indeed, based on my experience with brides-to-be and engaged couples, they tend to be so idealistic during the first few months of planning the wedding but later on realize weddings can be expensive and they tend to slow down on their preferences and expensive choices.

In these days however, many couples are looking into destination weddings – not just because they are a great way to tie the knot in a different location but a way to cut cost, as destination weddings are said to be a lot cheaper than traditional weddings where you have to cater to hundreds of guests and pay for expensive venues. 

When it comes to a destination wedding invite, you only need to invite people very close to you and that would mean around 10 to 30 guests. With your guest list drastically cut, that’s less money you have to spend. But is it really inexpensive to opt for a destination wedding over a traditional one? How much should the bride and groom pay for an exotic wedding?

Expensive Destination Weddings

Depending on your choice of location, the number of guests you are inviting, and the choice of hotel, you can spend as much as traditional weddings cost. In the US, many couples spend about $26,000 for their wedding on an average but many also spent up to $33,000 for a traditional wedding that may cater to more than a hundred guests.

Of course, if you opt for a destination wedding at an expensive location or a place farther from home – plus you are having quite a big guest list and choosing a luxurious hotel, that would mean spending more than what many would consider an expensive traditional wedding in your hometown. If money is no object then you must take a look at our top 10 best beach wedding destinations on the planet.

Medium Cost Affordable Destination Weddings

Distance matters – if you opt for closer but popular destination wedding locations, for example choosing exotic Caribbean destination weddings – the price will work out cheaper than traveling somewhere far. So, for example, how much is the average destination wedding with 20-30 guests? Well, couples can expect to pay about $750 to $1100 per head for the cost of about 3 to 4 nights.

What is good about destination weddings in the Caribbean is that you can find destination wedding packages in most resorts and that can drastically cut down your costs. Of course, you can still enjoy five star hotel accommodation, even if you have a slightly lower destination wedding budget. That can be possible by cutting your list of destination wedding guests even more and of course, choosing affordable destination wedding packages that fit your budget.

Want more? We’ve got some inexpensive destination wedding locations you should check out.

Cheap Destination Wedding Locations

One bride asked me if she could choose a cheap destination wedding. I told her that the cost of a destination wedding actually depends on a lot of factors and if you pay attention to them, you can actually get married in the Caribbean for $15,000. Of course, at around $4000 – $6000 you can also enjoy a destination wedding that is not far from home – such as the beautiful Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. If you want something cheap then you could be in luck – there are now many travel agents that specialize in small destination wedding packages.

Having an exotic wedding?

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It’s true that the average cost of a destination wedding is going to be cheaper than a traditional wedding held in your hometown , but you also have to remember that your wedding cost depends on the choices you make, therefore you can actually make your destination wedding expensive or very affordable – depending on your likes and preferences.

Interested in a destination wedding? Where do you want to go? Comment, tweet, let us know….

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