How Many Bottles of Wine for a Wedding Reception?

So how many bottles of wine for a wedding? When costing a wedding, alcohol is something that can send your budget sky-high but it’s important to get it right. Not enough and guests are unhappy, too much and uncle Dave starts to do funny things! So, how much wine do you need for a wedding? how many bottles of wine per table? We’ve got answers and advice for you…

How many bottles of wine for a wedding reception? Indeed, alcohol is one of the main details when it comes to planning your reception costs and making sure you don’t go overboard with your budget.

Set a Limit When Deciding on How Much Wine for a Party

Unless you can afford to go crazy on your wine budget, it can be expensive and for sure, you don’t want people getting drunk at your wedding reception, so when thinking about how much alcohol for a wedding, it is wise to set a specific limit.

I suppose you are not having a full open bar, are you Catherine? So if you need a number when it comes to how many bottles of wine you will need, that will depend on the number of guests and how much wine they drink. Let me give you some examples, based on how many bottles of wine for 100 people at a wedding reception.

How Many Bottles of Wine for 100 People at a Reception?

When thinking about how much wine for a wedding of 100 guests, one bottle of wine at 750ml will give 5 servings of wine, therefore you can get away with around 20 bottles, plus a little extra. That is probably a good estimate for wine that you will need for the toasting. If you have 10 people at each table, then you can put 2 bottles of wine on each table – one white and the other red. If you want to add a little more then go for red wine, it’s usually more popular than white. By the way, if you are thinking about how much wine for a wedding of 200 guests, then you can take these estimates and double them.

How Many Glasses of Wine Per Person Should I Budget for?

If you are on a budget and you are planning to forget about an open bar and buy wine for the guests instead, then how many bottles of wine per person for a wedding will you need? Well, you may want to go for 2 glasses per person for a good estimate on how many bottles of wine you will need to buy. Say for 100 people, you can have 40 bottles of wine for your reception. Of course, the consumption by your guests varies but somehow, 2 glasses per person is good, considering that some guests may not be ‘heavy drinkers’ and they may not even consume their 2 glasses per person estimate, then that can compensate for the other guests that may have more than 2.

So that’s our advice on how much wine to get for a wedding, good luck Catherine and we hope your wedding goes well.

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