Should I Cover My Tattoo For My Wedding? How Can I Conceal It?

One time in your life, you were so happy getting that tattoo on your back, or perhaps on your shoulder – but now you may be thinking “Should I cover my tattoo for my wedding?” or possibly you are wondering “How to cover my tattoo for my wedding?”Read on for essential ideas and advice…

If you are wondering if it’s appropriate to show your body art when you don that elegant strapless bridal gown, you might want to consider a few things before deciding whether you want to show your tattoo or hide it.

Should I Cover Up my Tattoo for my Wedding?

Design. If you have a tattoo of a big snake or a growling tiger on your back and it will definitely show when you are in your white bridal gown, it may look untidy and might not be good to display. However, if you have a beautifully done flower tattoo and you think it can still complement your white bridal gown, then you may choose not to cover it.

Color. Your tattoo color is also another consideration. If it looks wrong with your white bridal gown, then you may choose to hide it.

Size.  If your tattoo is small, and if the design is something impressive and not offensive, then why not show it? However, if your tattoo is big and it can distract the guests at the ceremony, then it’s probably time to cover up for the wedding.

Relevance. If you have a beautifully crafted tattoo on your arm and it spells out your ex-lover’s name, then you don’t want to go to your wedding with it displayed for everyone to see!

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Although I think tattoos are a great form of body art that you can choose for your skin – when it comes to formal occasions and weddings, you may want to hide it for a day to maintain that clean look when you walk down the aisle in your all-white bridal gown. So, how do you cover up a tattoo for a wedding?

How Do I Cover My Tattoo for My Wedding?

If you have decided to hide it, then you might be looking for the best way to cover up a tattoo. One good option is to use waterproof tattoo concealer make up. There are good brands on the market today that provide a good tattoo cover up for wedding day concealment. Of course, you can hire a professional make-up artist who can perfectly create a tattoo makeup cover up for weddings.

If you are not just thinking about how to cover a tattoo for a wedding – but about getting rid of your tattoo for good, then you may just want to opt for professional tattoo removal way before your big day. Tattoo cover make up may give you instant results but it can also wear off at the end of the day and may even create small disasters such as smearing on your dress.

Do you have a tattoo? Have you tried using tattoo make up cover for weddings? Let us know…

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