Inexpensive Destination Wedding Locations

Looking for some romantic and inexpensive destination wedding locations? Dreaming of a wedding at a Scottish castle? Maybe a tropical wedding in Cabo San Lucas? Or getting married in a chateau in France? So many beautiful destination spots to choose, how can you make the right choice at the right price?

The thought of getting married like a princess in a castle or a wedding under the tropical sun is indeed something that many brides would love – and in fact, destination weddings are great weddings for couples who are adventurous and who want to take time off for a grand honeymoon afterwards or double their wedding with their vacation.

But how much does it cost to have a dream wedding? Probably the same as having the wedding in your hometown with hundreds of guests, excellent food and wild wedding party afterwards. But of course, a destination wedding does not have to be that expensive.

To help you find those dream locations, here are a few inexpensive destination wedding locations that will not drain your wedding budget.

1. Hawaii Wedding and Honeymoon Packages are Great Value

You can get married in Hawaii for as low as $95 and enjoy the tropical paradise all you want. Get married in Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu and enjoy great discounts if you take advantage of inexpensive destination wedding packages. What’s good with an all inclusive wedding package is that, you don’t have to worry about things when you arrive. The wedding package may already include arrangement of the minister as well as processing your marriage license, but do check that out for yourself and make sure you are getting what you want from the wedding package. While you are in Hawaii, why not spend your honeymoon under the beautiful Hawaiian sun?

2. Mexico Wedding All Inclusive Packages Will Save You Money

Mexico is also a good place to enjoy not only the tropical sun and white beaches but is also a great inexpensive destination wedding location. You can choose Cancun or the popular Cabo San Lucas. Cut cost by using a wedding package. In fact, you can just rent a villa or a house near the beach and have your family and friends stay there. Flights are cheaper to Mexico and you can have a variety of choice when it comes to choosing beachfront villas for your wedding guests as well. Indeed, you can get married there and you and your guests can enjoy a wonderful vacation as well.

3. Caribbean Weddings Make a Romantic Destination

Yes, the Caribbean is one of the most romantic destinations you can ever think of if you want to get married far from home (unless, that is, you live in the Caribbean!)  Anyway, from the powdery white sand to inviting beaches, you can certainly enjoy your wedding and vacation at the same time in this paradise without having to spend so much. Familiar with the white sands of Dickenson Bay? Then you must love to get married to the man you love along the shores of the wonderful Caribbean waters.

4. Palau Wedding Packages to The Island Nation

Island destination weddings are popular and this island nation is one great place to disappear with your bride-to-be and get married. Of course, the island boasts romantic beaches and great resorts that can cater to your destination wedding needs. Although the island is a small one, you don’t have to worry about getting there and returning as there are regular return flights. You can also book a five-star resort without draining your finances and you’ll get a good wedding package all prepared for you.

5. A Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding

You want something that won’t cost so much? Then a Las Vegas wedding might just be what you are looking for. You can get married any time and inexpensively in Vegas and you can also get to enjoy the night life and casinos there. If you think your guests would love to enjoy the great nightlife after the wedding, then Las Vegas may just be one good choice for you. It also makes for an unusual and unique wedding venue.

Cheap Destination Weddings Are Possible

Indeed, you can enjoy a destination wedding without having to spend too much. Making a smart choice on the destination, as well as your booking and smart planning can help you take advantage of great discounts and enjoy a cheaper but no less enjoyable wedding. In fact, sometimes you can spend less on a destination wedding than having all that partying at home.

Do you know an inexpensive yet wonderful locations for a great destination wedding? We would love to know your top destination wedding locations. Leave a comment, tweet, make your own list and share your destination wedding experience. We’d love to hear from you…

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