Something Blue Ideas for Your Wedding Day

“Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue” – every bride-to-be must have come across such wedding custom. I, for one, have been working with brides for quite some time and they always have a word or two about their ‘something borrowed” or their “something blue” ideas.

The ‘something old’ can be easily found – an old piece of jewelry that will match your wedding dress, or an old shoe that you think is still a good pair for your wedding gown – or probably an old purse that matches your gown. You can have tons of options for something borrowed and for sure, almost all of what you wear and have can fall into the ‘something new’ category.

What about ‘something blue ideas’ for weddings?

Especially if your wedding color is far from blue – say your wedding color is pink, then how can you put in something that is blue in your wedding?

Something Blue Ideas for Brides

Having something blue in a pink-wedding can indeed be a little tricky but here are a few ideas that might help you put that blue in your wedding.

Something blue in your bouquet.  Hydrangeas are popular blue flowers and that can also accent a summer bouquet idea or a bouquet of varying colors. Even with white and even pink roses, you can add a little blue hydrangeas to make your bouquet beautiful.

Ribbons or flowers for your hair. If you are wearing a birdcage veil, you can add something blue in the flower or ribbon on your veil. You can also add a little blue or teal or other shades of blue to your hair  flower.

Blue ribbons for the rings. Small ribbons often are used to fasten the wedding rings on the pillow and if putting a powder blue ribbon on those rings don’t make it look tacky, then that can be another idea to put that something blue in. If it does not however fit in, then forget about it. It is hard to just put the something blue anywhere just to have a place to put it in. Make sure it is also elegantly done.

An anklet with a blue gemstone or a blue crystal.

A hair accessory with something blue or teal on it can also be one.

A tinge of blue in your nail polish!

A powder blue or light blue barrette.

Something blue in the bride’s hanky – whether a monogram of their names or a simple design on it. And why not have a pair of shoes with blue soles?

Something Blue Ideas For Wedding Dresses

Blue garter – You might be rolling your eyes imagining what it would be like to have such blue garter on your thighs on your wedding day. Remember, you don’t have to have the entire garter in blue. You can just add a little blue lace at the sides, or have a small pink and blue ribbon that will complement each other on your chosen wedding motif.

A brooch with something blue. You can also choose teal instead of blue. Opt for light blues. They are a lot more attractive in weddings.

A lingerie with something blue in it can also be a good choice especially if your wedding color is far from the complements of blue, so you get to hide that ‘something blue’ and not become something that is so out of the wedding color.

Of course, you can also add a tinge of blue into your wedding dress – perhaps very light blue beads if you are having blue as the wedding color.

You can also add something blue in your bridesmaid dresses or their bouquets.

Something Blue Examples Of Weddings

Blue ribbons for the corsage is also another option for that something blue.

Something blue designs for weddings may also apply to invitations, to the reception venue decoration and even to the song choice you have for your wedding. It can be fun to follow such old wedding customs and you can be proud that you have kept the custom alive.

Did you have something blue for your wedding? Got a special story? Comment and let us know

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