Simple Wedding Car Decoration Ideas: Creative and Fun Decorations

Looking for simple wedding car decoration ideas? Everything is set for your wedding but you might forget one detail before everything is set for your big day – wedding car decorations.

Decorating your car can range from more formal floral ones to something fun and hilarious. Whichever you choose, there are a number of simple yet creative wedding car decoration ideas that can help you get started.

Wedding Car Decoration Flower Arrangement

Fresh flowers are good for your wedding car although you can also use silk as your wedding car decoration flowers. You can have your florist design the layout of your car decoration. You can have some green running from the side mirrors to flower arrangement on the front. You can also have a floral arrangement running diagonally on the hood of the wedding car, adding green as well. You can include the back of the car and add small flower accents at the door.

Other simple wedding car decoration designs include putting teddy bears or bows along with the flowers – so cute!

Wedding Car Decoration Ideas – Fun and Hilarious Decors

Aside from flowers, you can also have fun car decors for your wedding car. A heart-shaped decor with the words ‘Just Married’ is also a creative option. ‘We’ve tied the knot’ is another text option. You can also include your names and the date of the wedding. Others would opt for a ‘Just Married’ decal at the car window.

For wedding car decoration designs; funny ways are also good. Tin cans hanging at the rear of the car are also fun ways of telling everyone that you just got hitched. Aside from tin cans, balloons can also be good décor. Just married car decorations that resemble chalk writing or spray paint can also be a wacky way of decorating your wedding car.

If you have run out of ideas on how to decorate your car, maybe your wedding theme can give you a hint. Going for a beach wedding? why not put a big, colorful surfboard on top of your wedding car? Going for a Hawaiian theme wedding? Why not dress up your wedding car with something that resembles a grass skirt?

What about putting butterflies all around your wedding car to match your butterfly wedding theme? Having a Disney inspired wedding? Why not put Mickey and Minnie mouse on top of your wedding car?

You can also put your personal touch into your car décor. Are you a fashionista? Then why not opt for animal prints on your balloons and even have animal print decals that can change your wedding car into a tiger on the street?

When it comes to wedding car decoration designs, funny and hilarious ones often get the attention and of course, help put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Wedding Car Decoration – Craft and Creative Decoration

A large tulle bow can also be a creative way to decorate your wedding car. You can either accentuate it with flowers or other decors. Ribbons and bows with the print ‘Just married’ on it is also another thing you can do.  Balloons with ‘Just married’ prints are one of the better ideas for decorating a car for a wedding..

A ‘Just married’ flag on your car’s antenna is also another simple yet elegant car decoration idea. Elegant car decals for wedding cars that will add to your design are also great and elegant ideas for wedding cars.  An over-sized replica of your wedding ring placed at the hood of the car is also another unique idea.

From balloons, bows, flowers, stuffed toys, rings, ‘Just married’ flags, tin cans and pompoms, you can indeed find  good ones to put in your wedding car. You just have to think of a design that is truly you or something unique, or something elegant and classy.

When you are decorating your wedding car, remember that it is one of those things that not just your guests will see – so if you want to make a good impression, then find something unique and fun about your wedding car decoration.

How about your wedding car decorations? Got any funny photos? Comment and let us know…

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