What to Wear to a Beach Wedding – Suggestions, Tips and Advice

Exchanging vows along the shores of beautiful tropical beaches can be romantic but one question that you and your guests may be asking is what to wear to a beach wedding?. Indeed, the answer to this question may be tricky. Many would be torn towards dressing up formally or casually.

Whether you are planning a wedding, or you are a guest at a destination wedding, here are some tips that may help you decide on what to wear to a wedding by the beach.

Wedding Dresses for a Beach Wedding

The bridal gown, the bridesmaid’s dresses as well as the beach wedding dresses for the mother of the bride and groom are among the main things to consider if you choose to have a beach wedding. Should you go for the same wedding attire as a garden wedding?The bridal gown for a beach wedding may just be the same white gown you long to wear but it should be made of comfortable fabric and of course, it should be lightweight for ease of movement. Long trains are out.

  • For your bridesmaid dresses, you can opt for tea-length dresses as well as knee-length ones. Long gowns may just be too much for the beach although you can still wear a comfortable and lightweight wedding dress for beach wedding glamour.
  • Strapless gowns or ones with spaghetti straps are also good choices for added comfort as well.
  • Forget the high heels! Bring on the flip-flops.
  • Barefoot sandals are ideal for beach weddings too! You can also go barefoot as well.
  • For mother-of-the-bride dress for a beach wedding, you can still opt for knee or tea-length dresses, depending on what suits their frame and their figure. You can also go for off-shoulder dresses that can be suitable for humid days. Gone are the days when the mother of the bride dresses had the arms or knees covered. If they can still pull it off, then why not? Just forget about plunging necklines and miniskirts!

What Can Men Wear to a Beach Wedding?

  • For the men in the wedding party, including the groom, white linen shirts are most common although you can still opt for linen suits if you want to keep a more formal look. Cotton shirts can also be used. Drawstring khaki pantsare also in for beach weddings.

  • For a more tropical look, you can wear Hawaiian shirts or those floral printed shirts that you often see as a Hawaiian beach outfit. This answers the question of what to wear to a beach wedding in Hawaii if you are planning to tie the knot there.
  • Guayabera shirts are also good options. The groom’s choice of attire should match with the bride’s gown. If the bride is wearing her bikini underneath a colorful sarong, then you can also go for your Hawaiian shirt.

Wedding Guest’s Attire to a Beach Wedding

Guests to a beach wedding can still dress to impress but of course, there are added considerations. Comfort is one thing because it can get too hot and humid in the beach during the day and it can also be windy and cold late in the afternoon or early evening. For women, sundresses for beach weddings can be good options as well as dresses that are knee or tea-length. For men, linen shirts or suits can be good choices. Of course, this will depend on whether the celebration is beach formal or just a casual one.

A Casual Beach Wedding

What to wear to a casual beach wedding? Opt for simple beach wedding dresses. A dress shirt or linen suit for men and summer beach wedding dresses or sundresses for women can be the right choices.

At The Beach Formal Wedding

What to wear to a formal occasion? Women may have to wear their vibrant-colored special occasion dresses while men can opt for formal shirts and ties.

Whatever it is you opt to wear to a beach wedding, make sure you consider the elements of nature that you have to deal with – the sun, sand and the water. Then you can have fun!

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