Why Choose Artificial Floral Foam Flowers for Weddings?

I told my friend about foam flowers for weddings and she seemed surprised about using fake flowers for her wedding. It’s true, there are artificial floral alternatives when it comes to a wedding. Read on for some essential advice.

Artificial flowers may not be real but they can certainly look and feel real. Foam flowers can be a great option for centerpieces, floral accents and decorations, and they even make good hair accessories.

As more of us are trying to be practical and look for cost-effective ways to have stylish decors without spending much money, artificial floral arrangements can be a great solution.

Using Foam Flowers for Your Wedding

So I talked about foam flowers to my friend and she was convinced they would cut the cost of her floral arrangement drastically but she was worried about not having real flowers. She didn’t need to worry, foam flowers now look and feel like the real deal.

You could have a foam flower wedding cake, use them for your bridesmaids’ hair, your centerpiece, corsage – and you can even have artificial bridal bouquets made of foam.

There may be some difference in using foam flowers over real ones but it won’t be noticed. In fact, guests might be pleasantly surprised if they find foam flower centerpieces or corsages used at your wedding.

Artificial Floral Centerpieces to Adorn Your Dining Tables

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on real flowers just to adorn your dining tables. You can be practical and choose artificial floral centerpieces such as silk or foam flowers.  Foam roses are popular these days and they’ll look amazing on your dining table.

The good thing about using floral foam is that you can select whatever type and color you want made as well. Popular foam flowers to choose from are foam plumeria flowers and foam Hawaiian wedding flowers.

You can get foam flowers wholesale if you want, especially if you need bulk artificial flowers to decorate a larger area and you want to save some money.

Of course, if you really want to save money then you could make them yourself, there are foam flower crafts where you can buy foam flower kits to put together.

Ecologically Friendly Handcrafts

If you are looking for foam flowers for your wedding, we can recommend 79essentials.com – They not only sell exquisite handmade products but provide a green, ecological solution, too. Located in the United States, they offer environmentally friendly handcrafts and accessories from Southeast Asia.

Foam Flowers for Hair are Great When it Comes to Kids

One thing that makes my friend happy when using foam flowers is the thought of having fresh looking flowers on the heads of those little flower girls during the entire wedding ceremony.

Unlike artificial ones, the kids can be kids and not worry about causing damage to a real, fragile flower. In fact, artificial flowers, such as silk or foam are best when it comes to floral uses for hair. They are also lightweight and easy to use as an accessory.

Ideal for Outdoor Weddings

Hawaiian foam flowers are great for hair, especially if you are considering a garden wedding or a beach wedding. I can say from experience, having a wedding outside can be a disaster if you are using real flowers and the weather turns bad.

Foam flowers can indeed make great wedding flowers – big or small, they can accentuate and make your wedding more colorful. Just make sure to get a professional to help you conceal the secret.

All photos on this page used with permission of photographers – go check them out.

Have you tried using foam flowers? Having an outdoor wedding? Comment, tweet, let us know what you think…

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