Amazing Silk Flower Centerpieces – Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Amazing silk flower centerpieces on top of your reception dining tables can really make a big difference in turning a plain table into something vibrant and elegant. Whether you have a dining table to decorate or any wedding table, silk floral centerpieces indeed liven them up with flair and appeal. In fact, I fell in love with beautiful floral arrangements so much that I wanted to learn how to make them.

Especially with silk flowers, I find flower arrangement a good thing to try. Silk artificial flowers are easy to work with and are lightweight. You won’t worry about damaging them. Centerpieces made of artificial flowers can also last as long as you want and in fact, this is one thing that you wish was true for fresh flowers as well.

Silk Flower Wedding Arrangements

Anyway, one reason why I wanted to learn floral arranging and make centerpieces from silk flowers is the demand for this elegant art at weddings and in many other important events. In fact, knowledge in choosing the types of flowers that go well with each other and learning how to make amazing centerpieces can be a good skill and a hobby that you can enjoy and make money from as well.

When it comes to silk wedding centerpieces, you may stick with the wedding flowers that the bride choses or at least make it a dominant flower, and add others that can accentuate your centerpiece. You don’t have to stick to one type of flower though. There are combinations that will truly bring color and elegance to your wedding theme.

For wedding centerpieces, you can mix and match hydrangeas and lilies; gerbera daisies and roses; peonies, roses and delphinium and many other combinations. You can even put together different colors of the same flower like white, pink and red peonies. What is good about silk flowers is that, you can have one type of flower and you can get it in different colors of your choice.

You can also add accents like river rocks and silk flower stems to add more beauty to your flower arrangement. You can also experiment with different vases and plant containers to enhance your floral art.

At an office-mate’s wedding, I really fell in love with their wedding centerpiece in which rose petals were made to float in decorative containers and became more dramatic with candlelight. In fact, I have seen silk rose bouquets that are also made into decorative wedding centerpieces. A little creativity and imagination is all you need.

Silk Flower Supplies for Floral Arrangements

Do you have an interest in making centerpieces? If so, the first thing you need is to make sure you have the available materials at hand. Aside from silk flowers of your choice, you can also add silk flower stems to your materials. If you like the idea of floating petals on your centerpiece, you can also find artificial ones for this purpose.


For silk floral supplies, I usually ask my local silk flower shop for some of their accessories for flower arrangements and centerpieces and they usually provide what’s available. It helps being a regular customer! Find a reliable shop that does not only provide flowers but will also give you options for getting arranged flowers as centerpieces. You can even ask for silk flower arrangement ideas as well.

Silk Flowers Make Wonderful Centerpieces

Indeed, realistic silk flowers make wonderful centerpieces and even if you do not know how to do it on your own, you can always order them arranged right from the shop. I suggest, if you are decorating a wedding table, getting some ready-made floral centerpieces will save you time, especially as you would normally need a fairly huge number of flowers for a wedding.

Would you use silk flowers for your wedding or do you plan on using real flowers? Comment, tweet, let us know…

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