How to Buy Cheap Silk Flowers for Weddings

Silk flowers can be good substitutes for real, fresh flowers nowadays. In fact, more and more people are choosing silk flowers for their wedding flower needs. Read how you can find cheap silk flowers for weddings and save money..

As a wedding planner, it is important that all aspects of my clients wedding is perfect. Flowers play an important role in weddings and I only have one chance to get them right.

I tried using silk corsages and silk rose bouquets and was satisfied that they didn’t look fake at all and I even have a bunch of beautiful silk flowers in my office that look fresh at all times and last as long as I want.

However, one thing I realized when purchasing silk flowers is that, it is not always true that silk flowers are cheaper than fresh ones. In fact, it can be the other way around. When I have been out looking for silk flowers, I have found those of superior quality a little expensive. Cost can be a factor when couples are looking to plan a wedding on a budget.

But of course, you don’t have to worry. There are ways that can help you find top-quality artificial flowers without the high price. Here are a few things I’ve learned when buying silk artificial flowers.

Hunt for Silk Flowers Online if You Want a Discount

Indeed! You can start searching online for silk flowers and check out and compare prices. This way you can start looking for discounts, great finds and of course, reliable manufacturers. Although you may never know online if they feel like real flowers, you can at least read reviews and testimonials from other customers and you can check them out personally later. If you are in the UK then you should check out – they have a wide range of artificial wedding flowers and you get free delivery on orders over 75 pounds.

In my case, I found a reliable dealer of artificial flowers through a website forum. I asked around and got feedback from past customers. Of course, I suggest that you do not rely solely on reviews and testimonials. You need to see samples to make sure they use top quality materials and the replication is of the finest quality. Anyway, I can recommend for garlands, lilies, roses and many more, you can even get the ribbons from them.

Buy Silk Flowers in Bulk to Save on Delivery Costs

Another option I can suggest to save from your silk flower purchase is to buy them in bulk. Buying in bulk almost always allow you to get lower prices, so take advantage of this.  Especially if you are purchasing them from locations where shipping is involved, I suggest you buy in bulk to get discounts and save yourself from shipping or delivery costs as well.

Buy from Silk Flower Wholesalers

Flowers are often needed in huge quantities, especially if you need them for weddings and other events, thus I would always recommend getting in touch with silk flower suppliers who are wholesalers if possible. I usually search for them online, check out their products and make sure they have a good number of reviews and satisfied customers. You can ask for samples or you can visit their shop if the distance allows you and compare their wholesale prices with the retail ones. This way you can be sure that you are indeed getting good discounts.

Looking for artificial alternatives? Foam flowers for weddings are a great choice.

Cheap doesn’t mean inferior

Some people associate cheaper prices with inferior quality but it does not follow at all times. Sometimes a little patience and good negotiation skills can help you find reasonable prices and do away with unnecessary costs without having to compromise product quality. So, if you are looking for silk flowers for weddings and other events, learn how to get them at cheaper, reasonable prices.

Have you found a good place to get your wedding supplies from? Why not share your experience and advice with us…

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