Cool Wedding Cake Toppers for Cakes: Ideas and Advice

Are you looking for cool wedding cake toppers for cakes for a bridal shower or a wedding? If you have a theme in mind, that can be one good idea to start with. In fact, there are a number of cake topper designs you can choose from – from flowers to funny bride and groom figurines. We got some great ideas for you…

Every time I help brides plan their wedding cake design, I always recommend that they find a great cake topper that will give their cake extra appeal. Custom wedding cake toppers are always a good choice. Here are a few things that you might find useful if you are looking for the best wedding cake toppers.

Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Imagine a wedding cake without a topper – for sure, you would find it a little boring and dull. But if you are looking for something to put at the top of your wedding cake, here are a few designs that may just fit what you are looking for.

Traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers – Cake topper bride and groom are usually traditional wedding cake topper themes. Usually, they stand together, hold hands together or the couple may be kissing or the groom carrying the bride.

Funny cake toppers – it is particularly good to have something that will make your guests smile and you can put that idea on your cake topper. A bride dragging the groom can be a good topper that will surely bring smiles to your guest’s faces.

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Monogram cake toppers also make a great cake topper for wedding cakes and in fact, add an elegant finish to your wedding cake. When a friend asked me for some cake topper ideas, I checked out their wedding invites and if they were having elegant monograms for their wedding invites, I usually recommend the same monogram to make an elegant wedding cake topper. That way there will be continuity with the wedding theme. This is also a great idea if you are thinking about personalized wedding cake toppers for your cake.

Unique Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Most brides I talk with want to have everything unique about their wedding, they often want something that is only special to them. If you are one of those brides looking for something unique, here are a few suggestions:

Castles – good for bridal showers and weddings, especially those that have a ‘castle wedding’ theme or for destination weddings in an old English castle.

Animals are also cute options. Doves, dolphins, butterflies, swans, love birds – they are often the most popular choices when it comes to animal cake toppers.

Crystal cake toppers or oversized wedding rings are also unique cake toppers for your cake. The circle of love topper is also a favorite for weddings. Vehicles with ‘Just married’ also make unique wedding cake toppers.

Sea shells, starfishes and even coconut or palm trees are also unique cake toppers especially for those having a beach wedding. You can also choose antique wedding cake toppers for your cakes as well.

For bridal showers, you can choose cake topper decorations that represent the bride. Flowers are always good choices and funny toppers are also a good way to make the event a little lighter for everyone.

Diy Wedding Cake Toppers

If you want the personal touch to your cake topper, you can also make your own custom cake toppers. Floral cake toppers are the most popular designs these days and you can design them on your own. You can make great monogram cake topper from wood, wooden love birds, jewelled cake toppers, monograms with rhinestones, floral arrangements, bride and groom dolls, sports-themed toppers and many more DIY ideas for your cake. You can even combine a floral centerpiece with monograms and make something out of sticks, flowers and ceramics. These can make good cheap wedding cake toppers too.

Indeed, there are many choices you can make and there are lots of good custom wedding cake toppers to fit your theme. Just make sure you have chosen something that represents your personality and of course, something that also goes with the wedding theme.

How about your wedding cake topper? What did you go for? Got any interesting stories? Comment and let us know..

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