Easy Recipes and DIY Bridal Shower Cupcake Ideas For Weddings

If you are looking for DIY wedding and bridal shower cupcake ideas, you can actually find a number of them these days as they have become popular and a growing trend for weddings and bridal showers as well. Here’s our cupcake ideas for weddings and a couple of recipes you can try…

Instead of having large, multi-tiered wedding cakes, cupcakes are now becoming more and more popular because they are easy to make, easy to distribute, you can be creative with them, they allow more flexibility for the design and of course, they are a lot cheaper than your regular multi-tiered wedding cake.

You can’t run out of ideas either when it comes to decorating and designing cupcakes as they can be pretty flexible to deal with. Here are some DIY cupcake ideas that you can find ideas from.

1. Butterfly cupcakes for a butterfly themed-wedding. Yes, butterflies can be great motifs for weddings and if you want to opt for cupcakes instead of multi-tiered wedding cakes, then you can put butterfly designs on your cupcakes as well.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Cupcake. This is also a good idea when it comes to DIY cupcake for weddings. You can put the texts “Mr” on one cupcake or “Mrs” on another, or you can also create designs like a tux on one cupcake and a bridal gown design on another.

3. Heart-shaped cupcakes for your wedding. Heart-shaped cupcakes are good not only for weddings but also for wedding showers. You can also design them with miniature hearts on top or strawberries as well. When it comes to the design, you can be flexible with cupcakes and that is one thing that makes them a popular option these days.

4. Cute toppers for newlyweds or for the bride. Great for your wedding shower cupcake ideas.

5. Giant cupcake. Instead of mini cupcake ideas, you can also have one giant cupcake. You can then decorate it elaborately like any wedding cake.

Bridal Shower Cupcake Recipes You Can Try

Interested to make your own cupcakes? Here are easy yet delicious homemade cupcake recipes.

6. Cupcake tower – this is particularly popular at weddings. Wedding cake cupcakes are usually cupcake towers because they look like multi-tiered wedding cakes.

7. Flower cupcakes. Great as a wedding cupcake, especially these days where floral accents and floral cake toppers are in. You can make violet flowers, orange flowers and any color you want and you get your floral wedding cupcake as well.

8. Purse cupcake. This cupcake decorating style is good for bridal showers as this may be for the interest of the bride-to-be. Especially if the bride is a bag-lover, then you can make her purse cupcakes for her bridal shower.

9. Rose cupcakes. Rose cupcakes are also great for bridal showers and weddings too. You can make red roses for your cupcake topper or you can design the frosting into roses.

10. Black and white cupcakes– Haven’t thought about black and white cupcakes for your wedding? They can be an elegant option indeed. If you are looking for wedding cake ideas like making cupcakes, you can add a slicing cake for the cake slicing ceremony and put the cupcakes on a stand that allow your cake to look like a regular multi-tiered cake.

11. Gift cupcakes – good for bridal showers indeed. You can design your cupcakes into gifts of different colors, arrange them like a multi-tiered wedding cake. Cupcake favors for weddings are also good.

12. Bridal court cupcakes – this is perfect for bridal showers as you can make cupcakes or minicakes into mini bridesmaids. You can even add names to each of the cupcakes representing the names of the bridal court to make them more appealing.

13. Bright yellow cupcakes. What makes wedding cupcakes attractive is the color motif and if you haven’t seen bright yellow cupcakes for your wedding, you might want to consider having one for your bridal shower or your wedding.

14. Filigree cupcakes. If you want your cupcakes to be elegant, then go for filigree cupcakes.

15. Lattice cupcakes. These are also unique and great cupcake designs for your bridal shower or wedding cake. They are fairly simple to do and are elegant looking ones as well.

There are actually a number of DIY cupcake ideas for weddings and especially if you have some skill with wedding cakes and cake decorating ideas, you can be flexible and creative with your cupcakes and make even better cakes for special occasions like bridal showers and weddings.

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