Homemade Wedding Invitations: Ideas to Save Your Wedding Budget

Weddings can be expensive, so you tend to think of ways on how to cut cost on your wedding expenses when the big day comes, and of course, there are ways to help you save from the small things in your wedding. One of the ways is to opt for homemade wedding invitation ideas.

Based on my personal experience. I would say, invitations are one of the things that you can cut cost from. In fact, it can be a DIY thing. You can be unique with your wedding invitations, be creative and use resources that are readily available. With good choices of card stock, some ribbons, laces and a printer, you can actually make a wedding invitation that is truly your own.

Designs for Homemade Wedding Invitations

A little inspiration for simple designs can help you have a good start with your wedding invitation. I personally suggest you check out some wedding invitations in shops and online and see how they seem to be easy to do on your own. To help you get started, you can find inspiration from these great examples:

These days, modern wedding invitations have become simple yet elegant. Invitation cards have become more modernized and unique, just playing around with some unique fonts. When it comes to craft and DIY invitations, you can choose to have a wedding invitation written in one card together with an RSVP card, and a card for the directions. You can enclose them with thicker card stock, and fasten it with a ribbon of your wedding motif.

You don’t have to be too advanced or go for other complicated details with your invitation. Simple but elegant can mean having a good choice of font, a clean and readable layout, and a good color combination.

Fun Homemade Wedding Invitations

If you are having a fun destination wedding – a beach wedding, or perhaps a garden wedding that is not too formal and stiff, then you can also have the idea of having a fun wedding invitation. One of the modern invitations I have come across these days is the magazine-layout type of wedding invitation which is something new but a creative style that you can do yourself.

You can be creative when it comes to fun invitations. Cartoons, sketches and even making that newspaper-like invitation can be fun and classy at the same time.

Ideas for DIY Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are great DIY projects, especially for creative brides and for those who want to cut cost on their wedding . If you are one of those who are thinking of doing the invitation yourself, you may need to scout different ideas for easy wedding invitations.  First, find materials that you can use for your wedding invites – card stocks of different designs and color, vellum paper, ribbons of your preferred color and design, as well as envelope ideas.

I am also impressed with wedding invitations these days that are creatively placed in a box instead of an envelope. Perhaps it is the new trend and even then, it can still be done at home.

Ideas For Homemade Wedding Invitations

Although you can make simple wedding invitations, you can also other techniques to make your invitation unique and  elegant. One way is to emboss the print on your wedding invitation. You can do this with embossing ink and embossing powder, together with a heating tool. You can also choose to emboss a particular design in your invitation if you don’t want an embossed print. You can find these tools at your favorite craft store and you can practice embossing at home any time before venturing into your final DIY wedding invites.

There are indeed many things that you can do with your wedding invitation, even if you will be doing it yourself. Having that creative design, you surely can have an equally beautiful wedding invitation that is a lot cheaper than what is offered in the shops. Your guests will love them.

Did you try making invitations? Got any tips or advice? comment and let us know.

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