Wedding Transportation Guide: Wedding Transport Ideas and Advice

Weddings can mean transporting people from the wedding ceremony site – usually the church to the reception area and if you have quite a number of guests, you may need to at least know some wedding transport ideas for guests to help you make your wedding run as smoothly as possible.

One of the concerns when it comes to wedding day transportation is how to transport the bridal party from the hotel where they dress up to the church or the wedding ceremony venue, and from the church to the wedding reception venue and how to transport guests from the church to the reception area.

This dilemma of how to transport your guests from one place to another and to make them comfortable with the transport, especially that the wedding entourage and your guests are dressed up for the event, you may choose to have a wedding transportation style that also fits your guest’s expected service. Of course, one thing that you should avoid is to leave someone without a ride.

To help you find good ideas, here’s some Wedding transport advice…

Your Wedding Transport Guide

1. Choose a transport system that can carry several people at once. It is not practical and economical to haul people to and fro several times, especially if the reception area is quite far from the church. One of the better wedding transportation ideas that might help is to get a coach or a limo to be able to transport several people at once. Depending on how large the number of expected guests you have, you may want to get 2 or more limos to service your guests, but always bear in mind that having different wedding transportation means additional costs as well.


2. Make sure the drivers knows where to go. This may sound obvious but I’ve attended weddings where the driver didn’t know the way – how embarrassing to be late or end up at the wrong place! Accurate directions should be given to drivers or you can have a wedding transport guide to help you and your guests arrive at the right time and at the right location.

3. Specify time and location for transport. Organize hired wedding cars, coaches, taxis and limos by making sure where to pick up the guests and specify what time they well be picked up.

4. Always prepare for alternative wedding transport should there be failures with your hired transport service. Think about taking out wedding wedding liability insurance in case anything goes wrong.

5. Have someone in charge of the transport system during your big day. They should be responsible with facilitating where the guests go and at what time they will be picked up so that everybody gets in the right bus/car at the right time.

6. Have enough copies of contact information, maps and directions to make sure everyone gets to the place correctly. You surely don’t want to have a guest lost on the road for hours. This is especially true if your reception location is quite far from the church.

7. Check and confirm beforehand about what the chauffeur will be wearing during the big day. Of course, you also want him to at least look good and presentable for such an important event where people are also dressed for the occasion.

8. View the actual bus/cars/ limo that you will be using for your big day. Don’t just rely on pictures. You surely don’t want to be fetched by a limo that can break down any time.  Do check for alternatives as well in case this may happen.

9. One of the cost saving wedding day transportation ideas is to save on the cost of transportation and let the bus, coach or limo take 2 trips from the church to the reception venue to save cost. However, this should only be considered if your reception area is just near the church and you have plenty of time to allow the vehicles to come back for the rest of the guests and have them at the reception area before the party starts.

10. Have someone take charge of the parking, especially if there’s no valet service. You can place some signs in the area to help guide guests on where to park and where to go.

Of course, whatever wedding car ideas you are choosing, make sure everything is arranged and well-agreed upon before the big day. Be sure that deposits and payments are made and prompt services are expected on the day of your wedding.

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