What to Wear to a Beach Wedding – Suggestions, Tips and Advice

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Exchanging vows along the shores of beautiful tropical beaches can be romantic but one question that you and your guests may be asking is what to wear to a beach wedding?. Indeed, the answer to this question may be tricky. Many would be torn towards dressing up formally or casually.

Whether you are planning a wedding, or you are a guest at a destination wedding, here are some tips that may help you decide on what to wear to a wedding by the beach.

Wedding Dresses for a Beach Wedding

The bridal gown, the bridesmaid’s dresses as well as the beach wedding dresses for the mother of the bride and groom are among the main things to consider if you choose to have a beach wedding. Should you go for the same wedding attire as a garden wedding?The bridal gown for a beach wedding may just be the same white gown you long to wear but it should be made of comfortable fabric and of course, it should be lightweight for ease of movement. Long trains are out.

  • For your bridesmaid dresses, you can opt for tea-length dresses as well as knee-length ones. Long gowns may just be too much for the beach although you can still wear a comfortable and lightweight wedding dress for beach wedding glamour.
  • Strapless gowns or ones with spaghetti straps are also good choices for added comfort as well.
  • Forget the high heels! Bring on the flip-flops.
  • Barefoot sandals are ideal for beach weddings too! You can also go barefoot as well.
  • For mother-of-the-bride dress for a beach wedding, you can still opt for knee or tea-length dresses, depending on what suits their frame and their figure. You can also go for off-shoulder dresses that can be suitable for humid days. Gone are the days when the mother of the bride dresses had the arms or knees covered. If they can still pull it off, then why not? Just forget about plunging necklines and miniskirts!

What Can Men Wear to a Beach Wedding?

  • For the men in the wedding party, including the groom, white linen shirts are most common although you can still opt for linen suits if you want to keep a more formal look. Cotton shirts can also be used. Drawstring khaki pantsare also in for beach weddings.

  • For a more tropical look, you can wear Hawaiian shirts or those floral printed shirts that you often see as a Hawaiian beach outfit. This answers the question of what to wear to a beach wedding in Hawaii if you are planning to tie the knot there.
  • Guayabera shirts are also good options. The groom’s choice of attire should match with the bride’s gown. If the bride is wearing her bikini underneath a colorful sarong, then you can also go for your Hawaiian shirt.

Wedding Guest’s Attire to a Beach Wedding

Guests to a beach wedding can still dress to impress but of course, there are added considerations. Comfort is one thing because it can get too hot and humid in the beach during the day and it can also be windy and cold late in the afternoon or early evening. For women, sundresses for beach weddings can be good options as well as dresses that are knee or tea-length. For men, linen shirts or suits can be good choices. Of course, this will depend on whether the celebration is beach formal or just a casual one.

A Casual Beach Wedding

What to wear to a casual beach wedding? Opt for simple beach wedding dresses. A dress shirt or linen suit for men and summer beach wedding dresses or sundresses for women can be the right choices.

At The Beach Formal Wedding

What to wear to a formal occasion? Women may have to wear their vibrant-colored special occasion dresses while men can opt for formal shirts and ties.

Whatever it is you opt to wear to a beach wedding, make sure you consider the elements of nature that you have to deal with – the sun, sand and the water. Then you can have fun!

Beach wedding? Got any experiences? Comment, tweet and let us know…

Destination Wedding Italy: Ideas for Italian Weddings

Destination Wedding Italy: Ideas for Italian Weddings

Destination Wedding Italy: Ideas for Italian Weddings

Planning for a destination wedding? Italy might just be the perfect place for you. One of the most romantic places to spend your wedding and honeymoon together, Italy is indeed one good choice for your wedding. We give you some ideas when choosing a destination wedding Italy style, plus some ideas for Italian weddings.

From the magnificent and architecturally impressive churches, synagogues to castles and other historic places, you surely can’t choose a better place for your wedding in Italy and not just a romantic wedding – you can also spend your honeymoon in one of the world’s most romantic places.

How To Plan A Destination Wedding In Italy

If you are thinking of a destination wedding in Italy, you have to do some preparations to make it successful. Of course, like any other destination wedding, you have to check out the climate, the venue where you want the ceremony to be conducted, the hotel or accommodation of your guests and the food as well.

The first things to take into consideration however, include the paperwork and the requirements for a destination wedding to take place in Italy. For sure, you want the wedding to be valid legally, even if you are in another country. One thing that makes Italy a good destination wedding choice is that, it does not require any residency for you to get married there, thus convenient for those who want to stay in the place for just the wedding and the honeymoon.

Wedding planners for destination weddings to Italy are available, so you might also want to tap their expertise for a hassle-free wedding.

Where To Go – Cheap Destination Wedding In Italy

So where are the best places to get married to in Italy? You have a number of places to choose from. You can choose Venice, Rome, Tuscany and Florence, the Amalfi Coast as well as the Italian Riviera. Whether it is in an Italian villa, castle, palazzo, church or synagogue, you can also choose from many wedding venues. Italian restaurants, historic parks and other venues are also great for your wedding reception.

A wedding by the lake is one option for weddings on a budget in Italy. You just have to make sure you have not chosen Lake Como where famous celebrities frequent as this is one of the most expensive venues.

How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Italy Cost?

The cost of any destination wedding may not be the same. Details and preferences vary and this also changes the cost of a destination wedding in Italy. The hotel of your choice, the number of guests, the menu, the wedding ceremony venue – you have to keep in mind that cost depends largely on your choice and preferences, so you may want to talk to your wedding planner to be able to get the best deals when it comes to your wedding budget.

Destination Wedding In Italy Packages

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your destination wedding, instead make the best of your budget, one of the wisest things you can do is to go for destination wedding packages. Hotels, villas, resorts and other venues usually have their wedding package for a hassle-free wedding. By taking advantage of wedding packages, you will also be freed from all the minute details of wedding planning and that alone can get some wedding planning stress off your shoulders.

Destination weddings can be a little challenging to plan, so you may want to grab some good packages and start from there in planning your wedding. There are a lot of destination weddings in Italy all inclusive packages that are also worry-free.

Destination Wedding Planning in Italy

Yes, Italy is one romantic place for your destination wedding and if you want to make that wedding perfect, don’t just plan it on your own. Destination weddings usually are best when planned well. Remember they may already include your honeymoon afterwards and for sure, you don’t want a ruined vacation and a poorly planned wedding.

What Does Black Tie Mean? What To Wear To Black Tie Weddings

What Does Black Tie Mean? What To Wear To Black Tie Weddings

Maybe you have just received an invitation to a wedding with dress code that is strictly black tie? You might be thinking about what to wear to a black tie wedding. So, what does black tie mean and what to wear to black tie weddings? Boy or girl – we give you the answers and some essential advice…

What does black tie on a wedding invite mean? If you see the words Black tie only or “black tie required” on a wedding invitation, then you know it is strictly a formal occasion. As per wedding attire etiquette, you should come to the event in the dress code indicated, so try to understand what is required. Yes, you may know that black tie means formal, but getting into the smaller details is also important.

What Does Black Tie Mean Exactly?

So what really does a black tie dress code mean? When the dress code says black tie, or black tie dinner or black tie wedding, it means you are going to a formal party and you have to understand there are requirements and standards as to how to dress formally for the event.

  • For men, when black tie is mentioned, it means traditional tuxedo with all its accessories.
  • For women, it means long formal dress, preferably a long evening gown – a conservative cocktail dress can be acceptable these days.

What Does Black Tie Optional Actually Mean?

  • For Men, this means a dinner jacket or tuxedo is optional and you can go with a dark suit, or something conservative instead. Optional certainly doesn’t mean you can turn up in jeans and t-shirt!
  • For Women, optional means you can go with either a full-length formal gown or a cocktail dress – below the knees of course. If your date is going to wear a tuxedo then a gown is more appropriate.

What to Wear To A Black Tie Wedding: For Men

One of the true classics is a black jacket with one button and matching classic trousers, a white formal shirt and a black bow or long tie. A formal waistcoat or cummerbund is also worn as waist coverings. Black socks and black formal shoes should go perfectly with this attire. Although a black tuxedo is the classic color, gray is acceptable as well.

A cravat is one option for semi-formal events, learn how to tie a cravat for a wedding.

Does black tie mean black tie? Well, I was at a formal black tie wedding a couple of weeks ago, most of the men were wearing a black tux but one of the guys, a close friend of the groom, had a tuxedo that was midnight blue – it looked pretty stylish and I think he pulled it off well; all the bridesmaids wanted to have their photo taken with him.

Smokin’ hot in your tux, you want some good photos – find out how to choose a wedding photographer.

Should I Cover My Tattoo For My Wedding? How Can I Conceal It?

Should I Cover My Tattoo For My Wedding? How Can I Conceal It?

One time in your life, you were so happy getting that tattoo on your back, or perhaps on your shoulder – but now you may be thinking “Should I cover my tattoo for my wedding?” or possibly you are wondering “How to cover my tattoo for my wedding?”Read on for essential ideas and advice…

If you are wondering if it’s appropriate to show your body art when you don that elegant strapless bridal gown, you might want to consider a few things before deciding whether you want to show your tattoo or hide it.

Should I Cover Up my Tattoo for my Wedding?

Design. If you have a tattoo of a big snake or a growling tiger on your back and it will definitely show when you are in your white bridal gown, it may look untidy and might not be good to display. However, if you have a beautifully done flower tattoo and you think it can still complement your white bridal gown, then you may choose not to cover it.

Color. Your tattoo color is also another consideration. If it looks wrong with your white bridal gown, then you may choose to hide it.

Size.  If your tattoo is small, and if the design is something impressive and not offensive, then why not show it? However, if your tattoo is big and it can distract the guests at the ceremony, then it’s probably time to cover up for the wedding.

Relevance. If you have a beautifully crafted tattoo on your arm and it spells out your ex-lover’s name, then you don’t want to go to your wedding with it displayed for everyone to see!

Worried about a wedding disaster? We’ve got great ideas for a wedding survival kit.

Although I think tattoos are a great form of body art that you can choose for your skin – when it comes to formal occasions and weddings, you may want to hide it for a day to maintain that clean look when you walk down the aisle in your all-white bridal gown. So, how do you cover up a tattoo for a wedding?

How Do I Cover My Tattoo for My Wedding?

If you have decided to hide it, then you might be looking for the best way to cover up a tattoo. One good option is to use waterproof tattoo concealer make up. There are good brands on the market today that provide a good tattoo cover up for wedding day concealment. Of course, you can hire a professional make-up artist who can perfectly create a tattoo makeup cover up for weddings.

If you are not just thinking about how to cover a tattoo for a wedding – but about getting rid of your tattoo for good, then you may just want to opt for professional tattoo removal way before your big day. Tattoo cover make up may give you instant results but it can also wear off at the end of the day and may even create small disasters such as smearing on your dress.

Do you have a tattoo? Have you tried using tattoo make up cover for weddings? Let us know…

How Many Bottles of Wine for a Wedding Reception?

How Many Bottles of Wine for a Wedding Reception?

So how many bottles of wine for a wedding? When costing a wedding, alcohol is something that can send your budget sky-high but it’s important to get it right. Not enough and guests are unhappy, too much and uncle Dave starts to do funny things! So, how much wine do you need for a wedding? how many bottles of wine per table? We’ve got answers and advice for you…

How many bottles of wine for a wedding reception? Indeed, alcohol is one of the main details when it comes to planning your reception costs and making sure you don’t go overboard with your budget.

Set a Limit When Deciding on How Much Wine for a Party

Unless you can afford to go crazy on your wine budget, it can be expensive and for sure, you don’t want people getting drunk at your wedding reception, so when thinking about how much alcohol for a wedding, it is wise to set a specific limit.

I suppose you are not having a full open bar, are you Catherine? So if you need a number when it comes to how many bottles of wine you will need, that will depend on the number of guests and how much wine they drink. Let me give you some examples, based on how many bottles of wine for 100 people at a wedding reception.

How Many Bottles of Wine for 100 People at a Reception?

When thinking about how much wine for a wedding of 100 guests, one bottle of wine at 750ml will give 5 servings of wine, therefore you can get away with around 20 bottles, plus a little extra. That is probably a good estimate for wine that you will need for the toasting. If you have 10 people at each table, then you can put 2 bottles of wine on each table – one white and the other red. If you want to add a little more then go for red wine, it’s usually more popular than white. By the way, if you are thinking about how much wine for a wedding of 200 guests, then you can take these estimates and double them.

How Many Glasses of Wine Per Person Should I Budget for?

If you are on a budget and you are planning to forget about an open bar and buy wine for the guests instead, then how many bottles of wine per person for a wedding will you need? Well, you may want to go for 2 glasses per person for a good estimate on how many bottles of wine you will need to buy. Say for 100 people, you can have 40 bottles of wine for your reception. Of course, the consumption by your guests varies but somehow, 2 glasses per person is good, considering that some guests may not be ‘heavy drinkers’ and they may not even consume their 2 glasses per person estimate, then that can compensate for the other guests that may have more than 2.

So that’s our advice on how much wine to get for a wedding, good luck Catherine and we hope your wedding goes well.

If you have a wedding question and you want some ideas and advice, then contact us and we’ll try and help.

Bridal Processional Wedding Songs for a Church Ceremony

Bridal Processional Wedding Songs for a Church Ceremony

Despite the many choices we have now when it comes to weddings, many couples still want to get married in a church because of the solemnity it brings to the ceremony. However, if you are having a church wedding, one of the things that you need to consider and plan is to properly choose the wedding songs for a church ceremony. We have selected a few wedding processional music ideas that we know you will like…

In some churches, they may not allow non-religious processional songs for weddings, especially songs of an aggressive nature. If you are about to have a church wedding, I suggest you first check with the church if they allow the type of bridal processional songs that you want played during your wedding ceremony. However, you don’t have to find songs that may sound unacceptable – There are some good choices when it comes to wedding songs for church weddings and many great choices for religious or Christian songs as well.

Christian Hymns and Wedding Songs

If you want traditional wedding processional songs and you’re looking for Christian hymns and Christian wedding songs that you can use for your church ceremony, there are many good ones you can find and use for your wedding and you don’t have to worry about them not being allowed. Christian wedding processional songs are of course, the safest song or music selection you can make.

While thinking about your wedding procession music, check out unique wedding processional ideas you can use with your unique wedding processional songs.

Here are a few of the church hymns and Christian wedding songs that I personally think are good choices for weddings. One of my personal favorite though is ‘When God Made You’ by Newsong. In fact, I had it sung at the church during my wedding. Other nice hymns and Christian songs you can use are:

  • Amazing grace 
  • Ave Maria 
  • The Prayer
  • How Great Thou Art
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful
  • I Will Be Here (Steven Curtis Chapman)
  • By Heart, By Soul (Avalon)
  • For You (Michael W. Smith)

Classical Wedding Processional Songs Will Add to The Solemnity

When thinking about processional music for weddings, I think a good choice of classical music – especially during the processional march and the bride’s entrance adds to the solemnity and the romantic atmosphere of the wedding, thus you can take a pick from a wide array of classical music to enliven your wedding march.
Here are some classical music choices that I can recommend at church weddings.

  • Aria in Concerto Grosso No. 12 by Handel
  • Canon in D (Pachelbel)
  • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach)
  • The Wedding March (Mendelssohn)

Popular Music and Instrumental Wedding Processional Songs are Good

How about modern wedding processional music? If the church that you have chosen for the wedding is not so strict on your selection of songs, you can also choose to have popular wedding processional songs or even during the ceremony itself. However, keep in mind that – even if you are allowed to have your say of the music to be played during the church rites, you should choose something that is of course, acceptable and proper.
Here are some popular songs and music that I think can be good for weddings.

  • Amarantine (Enya)
  • Only Time (Enya)
  • The Wedding Song (Kenny G)
  • A Moment Like This (Kelly Clarkson)
  • From the Moment On (Shania Twain)
  • Love of my Life (Jim Brickman)
  • Only Hope (Mandy Moore)
  • Perhaps Love (John Denver)
  • We’ve Only Just Begun (The Carpenters)
  • Everything I have (Clay Aiken)
  • This I Promise You (N’ Sync)
  • Beautiful in my Eyes
  • At the Beginning (Donna Lewis and Richard Marx)

Indeed, making a wise choice when it comes to the song for your church wedding is a crucial decision. Besides making sure that your processional wedding music is allowed in the church, you also have to think about having a song that is not too overused in weddings. Even if the song has a great meaning and tune, it can become not so appealing if you’ve already heard it a million times at most of the weddings that you’ve attended.

Want songs for walking down the aisle? Check out our favorite walk down the aisle wedding songs and music for some great ideas.

Do you know any processional wedding songs that are repeatedly used for church weddings but you think should not be allowed? What about songs or music that you think are perfect for church weddings, but haven’t gotten popular yet? Leave a comment and share with us the song you had played for your church wedding!

Best Top 10 Father Daughter Songs to Dance with Dad at Wedding

Best Top 10 Father Daughter Songs to Dance with Dad at Wedding

Want the best father daughter wedding songs to dance with your dad at your wedding?  Choosing the right music for your wedding is important. Right from the start when you walk down the aisle, up to the reception, your song choice will have a great impact on your celebration.  Check out our top father daughter wedding songs…

One piece of advice I usually give to brides who are looking for the best father daughter songs is to choose titles that have meaning to them but at the same time select those that are not too overused. It doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow – as long as it’s meaningful and well prepared.

With so many good titles to choose from, it could be a hard task to pick your top 10 father daughter wedding songs – but if you or your father is a lover of music, you can actually find something that can both honor your father as well as entertain your wedding guests. Especially if you don’t want to go for sappy songs, or if you want to have a fun dance with your Dad.

Popular Father Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

One of the all time popular father daughter dance songs is “I Loved Her First” by Heartland, which is a personal heart-warming favorite. Sarah McLaughlin’s “In the arms of an Angel” is also another good choice. A couple of other recommendations are “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle and “My Girl” by The Temptations.

For popular Irish father daughter wedding songs, anything by U2 would go down well, or even Enya if you are considering some unique father daughter dances. Having an Irish themed wedding? We got some Irish wedding music samples you should check out.

Classic Rock and Country Father Daughter Wedding Songs

If you like rockin’ beats, there are some great classic rock father daughter dance songs that you could choose – anything by Guns’N Roses, Aerosmith or U2 would be a perfect. Other equally good songs that you can consider are ”Daughters” by John Mayer and “Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon which can be a good fit for those who are more on the sentimental side. Of course, there are also a number of country songs as well as upbeat ‘barn songs’ that can make your dance more entertaining and lively.

Fun Father Daughter Dance Songs

One bride danced a medley with her father on her wedding day and they pulled it off quite successfully. You can dance to popular music, swing and ballroom, and even modern dance. Of course, you can cut the traditional slow father daughter dance and choose something entertaining and that can be a plus factor in making your wedding memorable not only for you but for your guests as well.

Choosing Modern Father Daughter Songs For Weddings

These days, with modern father and daughter wedding songs, you don’t just have to stick to dancing waltz with Dad. In fact, there are many You-Tube wedding songs you can search for – you can find a lot of father-daughter dances that are not the typical slow waltz. Some people have even made choreographed dances and are choosing songs and music that are not typical wedding music for fathers and daughters to dance to.

Father Daughter Wedding Songs Classic Rock

  1. You’re My Best Friend (Queen)
  2. Thank You (led Zepellin)
  3. Brown eyed girl (Van Morisson)
  4. Thank You for Loving Me (Bon Jovi)
  5. Here for you (Neil Young)
  6. Stand by me (John Lennon)
  7. Father’s Eyes (Eric Clapton)
  8. Forever Young (Bob Dylan)
  9. Little Miss Magic (Jimmy Buffet)
  10. I’ll Stand by You (The Pretenders)

Father Daughter Country Wedding Songs

  1. I Loved Her First (Heartland)
  2. Thanks Again (Ricky Skaggs)
  3. There You’ll Be (Faith Hill)
  4. Ready, Set, Don’t Go (Billy Cyrus)
  5. I Hope You Dance (Lee Ann Womack)
  6. My Wish (Rascal Flatts)
  7. Daddy’s Little Girl (Kippi Brannon)
  8. Through The Years (Kenny Rogers)
  9. My Little Girl (Tim McGraw)
  10. A Song For My Daughter (Ray Allaire)

Father Daughter Wedding Songs Oldies

  1. Dance With My Father (L.Vandross)
  2. I Will Always Love You (W.Houston)
  3. Unforgetable (Nat Cole)
  4. What A Wonderful World (L.Armstrong)
  5. Hero (Mariah Carey)
  6. My Girl (Temptations)
  7. The Way You Look Tonight (F.Sinatra)
  8. Tiny Dancer (Elton John)
  9. You’ve Got A Friend (Jimmy Buffet)
  10. Wild World (Cat Stevens)

Unique Father Daughter Wedding Songs

  1. Locomotion (Kylie Minogue)
  2. Daddy (Beyonce)
  3. Another One Bites the Dust (Queen)
  4. Forever Young (Bob Dylan)
  5. My Hero (Foo Fighters)
  6. Wide Open Spaces (Dixie Chicks)
  7. All You Need Is Love (Beatles)
  8. The Daddy Daughter Dance (unknown)
  9. Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison)
  10. Hey, Good Lookin (Hank Williams)

Unique Father Daughter Dance Songs

If you are looking for a unique wedding dance with your father, then I suggest you go for a remix. You can also make a mix of songs just for your dance.

Maybe some favorites both you and your dad enjoy? For one of the weddings I helped out with, the bride wanted to showcase different dancing styles with her father so she did a medley comprising some waltz, swing and modern dance. The bride requested a mix of songs for her father-daughter dance which she actually got from a YouTube video about the evolution of dance and she made a remix of old songs, ballroom dances, modern dance and even some Michael Jackson moves with some robotic dancing. It was heartwarming to watch father and daughter dance together.

Indeed, a creative dance like this, as long as your father is willing to do the dance, can be a fun number that could even highlight your wedding reception. Of course, original father daughter wedding dances like this also need practice and you have to consider that. You don’t want dad collapsing on the dance floor!

These can also be considered best father daughter first dance songs, too. Now without further delay, let’s take a look at our top 10 father and daughter dance songs…

Top 10 Songs to Dance with Your Dad at Your Wedding

10. Sweet Child of Mine (Guns N’ Roses)

9. My Girl  (The Temptations)

8. Butterfly Kisses (Bob Carlisle)

7. In the arms of an Angel (Sarah McLaughlin)

6. I Loved Her First (Heartland)

5. My Father’s Eyes (Eric Clapton)

4. Father and Daughter (Paul Simon)

3. Cinderella (Steven Curtis Chapman)

2. Daddy’s Little Girl (Al Martino) or (Michael Buble)

1. Through the Years (Kenny Rogers)

So that’s our best “daddy daughter dance songs” top 10, what do you think? John Mayer’s “Daughters” deserves a mention, so does Aerosmith’s “Don’t want to Miss a Thing” – both are great tunes if you want to share a special song with dad.

Whether you are planning a classic remix or a modern dance, classic rock, or country – the important thing is to have fun and enjoy it. Don’t make it something too serious or it might end up being awkward. Don’t make it too long either.

Looking for music for your wedding? Check out our favorite walk down the aisle wedding songs and music for great ideas.

What kind of music would you dance to with your dad? Got a favorite father daughter song? Let us know, tweet, comment…

Top Lists of Most Popular and Best Frank Sinatra Wedding Songs

Top Lists of Most Popular and Best Frank Sinatra Wedding Songs

Are you a fan of the beautiful music of the 50s, 60s and 70s? You certainly wouldn’t miss Frank Sinatra as one of the popular singers who gave us several all-time hits that we still hear these days and of course, having the best Frank Sinatra wedding songs on your big day can be impressive and of course, great taste, especially for those vintage-inspired or themed weddings. We present our top Frank Sinatra wedding dance songs list for you…

Modern music and songs may come and go but music from the past, like that of Sinatra, has been around for decades and has always been defined as good music, not just by people who were from his time but also by those who appreciate well-written music.

Maybe you are thinking about having a Frank Sinatra themed wedding, or if you are about to get married and you are choosing from a million songs to use for your wedding, you might want to check out some Frank Sinatra songs for wedding ceremonies and wedding reception as well.

Best Frank Sinatra Wedding Songs – Top 10 list

Many of Frank Sinatra’s songs are timeless and in fact, among the best classic songs that you can play at your wedding. They can be played for your entrance to the wedding reception hall, you can play them for your first dance or your father and daughter dance and even during the slicing of the cake.

Here’s our classic Top 10 Frank Sinatra wedding songs you should definitely check out…

  1. The Way You Look Tonight 
  2. Fly Me to the Moon
  3. All the Way
  4. Come Rain or Shine
  5. It had to be You
  6. I’ve Got You Under my Skin
  7. I Get a Kick Out of You
  8. Someone to Watch Over Me
  9. Strangers in the Night
  10. You Do Something to Me

Frank Sinatra First Dance Wedding Songs

Your first dance as newlyweds is traditional practice and of course, a good song choice is important to make the event and the dance more memorable. Sometimes, couples choose to have a fun dance to do together to entertain their guests and make it memorable for them as well but if you want to go for something classic and romantic, here are our Frank Sinatra first dance wedding songs suggestions:

  • The Best is Yet to Come
  • Always
  • Embraceable You
  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • I Get a Kick Out of You
  • Love and Marriage
  • Night and Day
  • Our Love Is Here To Stay
  • Summer Wind

The Way You Look Tonight is one of the most popular Frank Sinatra wedding songs that you have probably heard at many weddings. It’s not just timeless, it is also romantic. So if you want to bring that Sinatra spark to your wedding, then you might want to include this on your song list for your first dance.

Frank Sinatra Father Daughter Wedding Songs

The Way You Look Tonight is not just a first dance song, it can also be a good choice for the father-daughter dance. If you are thinking of something more entertaining, then New York, New York may just be a good choice as well. Other Frank Sinatra father-daughter dance wedding songs includes You Make Me Feel so Young and Young at Heart. When it comes to Frank Sinatra wedding songs; Mother Son and Father can enjoy dancing to them.

Frank Sinatra Last Dance Wedding Songs

To close the wedding festivities, you also have song choices from Frank Sinatra’s list of hits that you can dance to with the love of your life. Here are some of my personal favorite top Frank Sinatra wedding songs that you can use for the final dance.

  • An Affair to Remember
  • How Do You Keep the Music Playing
  • I Remember You
  • I’ll Be Seeing you
  • My Funny Valentine
  • My Way
  • Put Your Dreams Away For Another Day
  • September Song
  • What are You Doing the Rest of your Life?
  • New York, New York

Frank Sinatra has indeed contributed great songs and music to the industry and in fact, a good list of Frank Sinatra wedding songs and Frank Sinatra love songs wedding list can top and dominate any other wedding song. There may be other wedding songs by Frank Sinatra, some may be too old for many to be familiar with, but this list of songs can certainly help you choose the music for your big day.

What Frank Sinatra song would you choose for your big day? Do you have a favorite? Comment and let us know…

Easy Wedding Cake Ideas for Small Weddings

Small weddings have become a growing trend among couples these days especially in this tight economy and if you are thinking about cutting the cost of your wedding, then you can start with pricey wedding cakes. Read on for some easy wedding cake ideas for small weddings…

A small wedding often denotes a small number of guests and with that, you don’t have to prepare a wedding cake that would end up uneaten. In fact, in many weddings, the cake is the last thing that is served and most of the cake is left uneaten – so why spend huge amounts of money on something that may just go to waste?

Small Wedding Cake Ideas

For small weddings, you may find it practical to opt for small wedding cakes or even smaller individual wedding cakes for each guest. Yes, you don’t have to have that huge wedding cake for just a few wedding guests and even if you have something small, there are still well-designed small wedding cakes that are elegant and have that wow factor despite of its size. Indeed, it does not matter if you have a smaller cake if it is elegantly adorned and decorated.

If you just wanted to have a small wedding cake for your reception, there are actually couture wedding cakes that can truly impress your guests. Many cake designers these days are also exploring differently shaped and designed cakes – ones that look like jewelry boxes, cakes that look like designer bags and many other customized wedding cake designs that are also unique. They may not be inexpensive but they can be an option if you just prefer a small cake for your wedding reception.

Budget Wedding Cake Ideas

Having a tight budget is one of the main reasons many couples opt for smaller wedding cakes and if you are looking for the best wedding cake on a budget, opt for single tiered cakes. Two- or three tiered wedding cakes can be a little costly because of the work needed in putting one on top of another. Single tiered wedding cakes can also be as elegant as you want it to be. We got more ideas when it comes to catering for weddings on a budget.

One of the great wedding cake ideas to help you cut down on your cost is to opt for mini wedding cakes or cupcakes that you can arrange into three layers to make it look like a three-tiered wedding cake. There are many cool wedding cake toppers you can use for your mini cake.

Keep in mind too that the best tips to make smaller weddings work for you is to find ways to cut cost and opting for a less expensive wedding cake can be one of your best options when it comes to wedding ideas on a small budget.

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Easy Finger Foods for Bridal Shower Ideas and Finger Food Recipes

Easy Finger Foods for Bridal Shower Ideas and Finger Food Recipes

Planning a bridal shower or pre-wedding party? When it comes to finger foods for bridal shower ideas, there are plenty of easy menu choices. Finger foods are great for bridal shower parties where guests are intended to eat light while socializing and honoring the happy couple.

We’ve got some great bridal shower food ideas and some yummy wedding finger food recipes for your bridal shower or party..

Finger foods are popular for parties and get-togethers like a bridal shower, and choosing something that can match your bridal shower theme can be fun as well. Of course, with a little knowledge on what to prepare, you can plan your party in no time. Before you start the cooking, it’s a good idea to make a quick menu for your bridal shower ideas – just jot down a few things you feel like having at your party.

Delicious Finger Foods for Bridal Shower Parties

Finger foods for parties are suitable for events like bridal showers as occasions like these do not really need heavy meals, unless of course you intend to have a big course or you schedule your bridal shower party at meal time.

Some popular bridal shower finger food ideas that you can usually see at many bridal shower parties are cookies, french fries, cupcakes (they are the most popular!), vegetable dips, pretzels, chips, finger sandwiches, cheese sticks, scones, croissants, nuts, and salads. Baked goods are always popular when it comes to bridal shower parties and why not? These finger foods for a party are easy to prepare and loved by many.

You can pair them with lemonade, punch or tea – depending on your theme. Frozen yogurt can also make a good choice.

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Tasty Finger Food for Bridal Shower Brunch

If you’re hosting a bridal shower brunch menu and are looking for some bridal shower brunch ideas then you can choose a mix from breakfast and lunch menus. You can also add a coffee bar where guests get to have different types of coffee. Check out our finger foods recipes below for tasty dishes you can make.

Finger Food for Bridal Shower Luncheon

For bridal showers that are scheduled at midday, you could try cold salads, fresh vegetables, potatoes, chicken or fish. Don’t forget to put in vegetarian dishes or better yet, assume that you have a vegetarian guest so you have to provide an option for vegetarians as well. We’ve got some good food recipes for bridal wedding shower parties – you can whip up something tasty for your guests.

Bridal Shower Menu for Themed Bridal Showers

Depending on your bridal shower theme, you can find ideas for bridal shower foods as well as easy bridal shower finger foods to prepare. Here are a few examples.

Luau bridal shower – If you want a Hawaiian inspired bridal shower party, think lots of fruits and nuts and coconut juice served in coconut shells. You can hollow a whole pineapple and make it your serving dish for your sliced fruits. Why not try watermelon art? – Like the kind you see on cruise ships and restaurants; watermelons are carved into artistic designs – worth a try indeed! Pina coladas or fruit smoothies can also be good additions for your drinks and beverages.

Barbeque party – If you choose to have an outdoor barbeque party as your bridal shower theme, then you can definitely go for barbeque recipes or even kebabs. Meat is a good choice if you are thinking about finger food ideas for a party outdoors.

Asian themed bridal showers – If you want some Asian food for a party, you can add spring rolls, sushi, Chinese dumplings, California maki or rice rolls to your menu.

Like our easy food ideas for bridal showers? We’ve got yummy wedding brunch menu ideas – mouth watering!

Easy Bridal Shower Recipes You Can Do

Yes, you can actually prepare your own recipes for your bridal shower food menu. Especially if you are not expecting a large number of guests, you can share your own favorite recipes by cooking for your guests. Whether it’s a simple cookie recipe or your favorite pasta, it can be a good option to save the cost of your bridal shower food.

If you’re thinking about finger food menu ideas then we’ve got delicious bridal shower food recipes. It’s all good healthy food and easy to prepare for your bridal shower, here are some tasty and easy recipes that we have put together for you – party menu ideas to satisfy your guests.

Desserts for a Fancy Bridal Shower

If you are planning a small bridal shower, then you can go for desserts, punch or some lemonade and finger foods for bridal showers that are easy to prepare and convenient for your guests.

You can also choose to have a dessert only bridal shower and go for cakes, sweets, ice cream and some good drinks to go with it.

You can even have a tea party with sweets for your bridal shower menu. If you are thinking about your bridal shower finger food ideas then desserts are a great choice.

However, you have to make sure that you schedule the party at the right time for dessert and not at meal time. You can also go for hors d’oeuvres for your bridal shower food and add cocktails for drinks.

Indeed, you have a number of choices when it comes to finding easy finger food ideas for bridal shower parties. You just need to be resourceful and creative. Bridal showers are fun to organize and in fact, if you have a theme in mind, everything else will be easy.

One important part of the bridal shower is the food preparation and of course, your food may depend on your theme and the time of day your party is held. Just remember to plan and prepare enough time to get everything ready.

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