Spring Weddings: Simple Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring Weddings: Simple Spring Wedding Ideas

Many engaged women that I talk with want to have their wedding in spring and are actually asking me for spring wedding ideas that can help them have the perfect wedding in spring. It may not be the top season for couples wanting to tie the knot but more and more couples are opting for spring because of the good weather and cheaper wedding costs.

Of course, one of the good things about having your wedding in spring is the fact that it’s not too cold and not too hot either. Just make sure to choose a wedding day that is not too close to winter and not too close to summer to avoid extreme weather. If you are looking for spring wedding ceremony ideas for your spring wedding, I’ll share a few tips with you.

Spring Wedding Themes and Ideas

If you are having a wedding in spring, then a good idea is to have a spring wedding theme. Floral themes are good wedding ideas for the spring. This will also allow you to go with pastel colors for your wedding theme and of course, you have a number of spring wedding colors to choose from, including; hot pink, to green, to brown – they can give your wedding that spring feel.

Spring flowers are particularly appealing for a spring wedding and you can draw inspiration from them for your wedding theme. From hyacinths, to tulips, to lilies, they can all make good wedding flowers for your spring wedding.

Although you can also have an outdoor wedding in spring, one very important thing you need to consider is the changing weather. A garden wedding, or backyard wedding is also another good option for a spring wedding theme but make sure you have a good plan, in case the weather changes.

Dresses For A Spring Wedding

So what can you wear? If you are worried about dresses for a spring wedding, yes, you can still have strapless gowns and sleeveless tops, your guests can also enjoy a variety of dress styles. Tea length dresses as well as cocktail ones are the most popular for spring. Shawls are particularly useful in case the weather changes. When it comes to spring, I personally suggest dresses that allow you to cover-up in case of cold snaps – tops or jackets with boleros or shrugs, that also allow you to open up if the weather turns fine. Also, it’s worth spending some time thinking about the fabric for your dress – something that’s not too warm nor something that will make you feel cold if it rains or if the weather becomes a little chilly.

Spring Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Spring flowers are one of the nice things about spring that can make it a good option to have your wedding ceremony outside. If you don’t want an outdoor spring wedding then why don’t you be creative with your theme? bring the garden feel indoors! You can be as creative as you like, making your own centerpieces and reception decors.

Spring is also a good time for those wanting to save on their wedding budget – go for flowers in season and find those that are locally grown. This can save you a lot for your wedding flower needs.

Planning to have a spring wedding? Got any good ideas? Send us your questions and comments.

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How To Have A Backyard Wedding: Ideas and Planning Advice

How To Have A Backyard Wedding

Love to have an outdoor wedding and say “I do” right there? If you have a well-manicured lawn or you have great blooms in your backyard garden, you might want to consider how to have a backyard wedding.

How To Have A Backyard Wedding – Here is a quick guide, plus some big and small backyard wedding ideas you can use..

How to Plan a Backyard Wedding?

The secrets to great backyard weddings start with good planning. Certain things will affect what you can and can’t do and you have to think about them first.

    • Is your yard big enough to accommodate all your guests? If the weather gets bad, will they all fit inside your house?
    • Are you allowed to have a party in your neighborhood? Check
       if you need a permit, especially if you are having a lot of guests and you want to play music. Don’t forget your neighbors.
    • Do you have facilities available for a do it yourself backyard wedding reception? Enough tables, chairs, adequate lighting, toilets, etc? Think about renting the things you need.
    • If this is going to be a wedding at home, make sure your officiant is fully licensed.
    • Where will your guests stay after your wedding? Make sure they have a place to stay.

Ideas for Garden Backyard Weddings

– Prepare an arbor, wedding arch or gazebo as well as a canopy. You can exchange your ‘I Dos’ under the arbor and have a canopy for your buffet table. Have a tent at standby – this is always important if you’re having a wedding in your backyard. The weather can be unpredictable and for sure, a good tent or a canopy can at least offer some shade and shelter for your guests. Certainly a good idea for a casual backyard wedding.

– Be creative with your wedding theme. When backyard wedding planning, you don’t have to stick to a garden themed wedding just because you are in your backyard. You can be creative and go for some fantasy, like a Lord of the rings theme – even with a backyard wedding, go for it and use your imagination! One garden wedding I attended, the couple went for an “Alice in Wonderland” theme and it felt just like being in the movie.

 Put natural decor to good use. Have a cost effective backyard wedding, save on wedding decorations and use your natural surroundings. When thinking about your backyard wedding decoration ideas, blooming summer flowers or your exotic ornamental plants can be of good use for your backyard wedding, so use them for your wedding accessories. If you have a good vine in your garden, then make it your backdrop for your wedding. Make use of your own backyard flowers for your centerpiece or as accents to your seating area or the trees around the garden. Using the things you already have in your yard is a good way to have a cheap backyard wedding.

How about having a backyard bridal shower party? We’ve got some great advice.

Add music to your backyard wedding. If you have good lighting, then also the right kind of music is important for your wedding. You can set the mood from a simple backyard garden to a romantic wedding venue. Of course, if you are planning music – keep in mind your neighbors and the people living around you.

– Use good lighting to accentuate your garden and make the venue more romantic and inviting. Lanterns set up in trees can be a good idea. LED lights installed in your garden can also be great to turn your backyard into an amazing wedding venue, especially if your wedding and reception will last into the night.

Be ready when it comes to your wedding guests needs. Provide portable outside toilets if you don’t want people lining to use your own facilities. Make sure to limit your home to immediate family only. Some wedding guests, especially relatives, may expect that they can stay overnight at your own home – this may be a problem. Be prepared by finding hotels and nearby accommodation they can use.

A backyard wedding is something that is possible and in fact, a sentimental way to get married right in your own garden, but unlike having your wedding reception in a restaurant or some other usual venue, planning a wedding in your backyard can mean that you have to take care of a few things that you wouldn’t usually plan for – such as providing shade and cover for your guests, arranging tables and chairs, as well as making sure that your guest’s stilettos don’t sink into your garden soil!

Would you have a wedding in your own backyard? Got any unique stories? Comment and let us know…

Confidential Marriages and Simple Private Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Confidential Marriages and Simple Private Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Planning to elope to Paris or perhaps have a simple or small private wedding ceremony? Maybe you want to know about confidential marriages and how to get a license. We got the answers, plus some private wedding ceremony ideas that you can use for your wedding.

It’s true, not all brides and couples want to make their wedding public, especially if they have a tight budget to work with or if they want to make it as solemn as possible and they only prefer to have a very limited number of guests… or they just simply want it to be a private affair.

Indeed, if you are thinking about how to have a simple wedding, there are advantages of having small private wedding ceremonies and it can be done especially if you have planned for it from the very start. Although small intimate weddings like these have limited number of guests, you can still make the celebration unique yet impressive. Some couples choose a private wedding and reception while others go for a private wedding public reception, allowing guests to celebrate the wedding with a party.

What are Private Wedding Ceremonies and Confidential Marriages?

A private wedding ceremony is just that, private. A simple example would be to have a private wedding with no guests or public attention. Another definition of a private wedding ceremony is one that is completely confidential and there are no public records of the marriage and even a witness is not required. Some states, like California, offer confidential marriage licenses.  Private wedding officiants with special notary status can perform the ceremony without the need for any witnesses – it is truly a private wedding ceremony for two.

Confidential Private Wedding Checklist

Find a minister with a wedding officiant license and special notary status.

Provide up-to-date government-issued photo I.D. Such as driver’s license, a state I.D. passport, green card.

Pay the license fee – Usually around $85 to $100.

Arrange wedding location – Usually within the legal area where the license was issued.

Sometimes it might be time consuming or difficult to plan a private confidential marriage because of where you live or your working hours, if that’s the case then private wedding planning organizations can help you arrange your wedding for a small fee. Some companies even offer ideas for a small wedding and private wedding packages that include everything you need.

Private or Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas

There are a lot of places that offer private wedding venues, you just have to ask and plan in advance. Here are some ideas for small weddings or a simple private wedding ceremony.

Destination Weddings – Probably one of the most popular options when it comes to having a private wedding is to have a destination wedding at your favorite tropical beach or maybe a private wedding abroad at a European castle or next to the Eiffel Tower. With a destination wedding, it can be as private as only the two of you, or just immediate family and close friends – whatever size guest list you want for your wedding.

Beach Wedding – If you want a beach wedding but you want it private and intimate, then you can still make your dream wedding come true. In fact, beach weddings are best attended by just a limited number of guests, considering that you still have to arrange the ceremony location.  If you want to keep it truly private and only have the two of you present then you can always perform your private wedding vows on a gazebo by the beach.

Surprise Weddings – For unique ceremony ideas, you can also make it a sort of surprise. You invite a few people over to a specific location for a supposed birthday party and you come in with your wedding attire and tell everyone you are getting married on that very day. This may not be that feasible for some but if you think your families are okay with such a unique idea, then go for it. This would be a great occasion to capture on video and put on YouTube or share on Facebook.

Art galleries and Botanical Gardens – Especially if you want only the two of you exchanging vows, you can choose an art gallery or botanical gardens as your venue. Don’t forget to bring along a photographer to document your intimate and private wedding.

Backyard Garden – If you want a smaller crowd or just want to invite immediate family, perhaps your backyard garden will do for the location. It would make an ideal private wedding party.

Cruise Ship Wedding – One of the better unique wedding ceremony ideas for small or private weddings is to exchange simple marriage vows on a cruise ship. Like destination weddings, it can be your private wedding and honeymoon.

There are a number of ways to get married privately and have a simple marriage ceremony. One quick and simple wedding idea is to go to the local courthouse and say your vows there. You can then have a choice of having a small reception with the family or together with friends. Simple, practical and of course, it can help your budget as well.

Courthouse wedding? For men and women, we can help you with advice on what to wear to a courthouse wedding.

Of course, a grand wedding is not a guarantee of a happy marriage, don’t worry about having a tight budget and having only a small wedding.

Private wedding or public wedding? Which did you go for? Comment, tweet and let us know….

Unique Wedding Programs Ideas and Wording Etiquette Guide

Unique Wedding Programs Ideas

If you’re thinking about your wedding program then we’ve got some tips for unusual and unique wedding programs, ideas and suggestions for your wedding. What about wedding program wording etiquette? Are you stuck on what to include? Read our suggestions we know you’re gonna like…

Especially if you are having a church wedding, you may need to prepare wedding ceremony programs to guide your guests on what will happen and what to do during the ceremony. For small weddings, this might not be necessary but will be really appreciated by your guests. Even more, if you are having a non-traditional wedding or a wedding that follows another culture, such as an Irish wedding or a Hindu wedding, then you will need a wedding program for your guests.

What to Put on Your Wedding Program and Wording Etiquette

So what about program etiquette and the wording for wedding programs? Well, your wedding program basically contains the sequence of activities and events during your wedding ceremony – from the processional to when the candles are lighted, and the exchange of vows.

You also have to include on your wedding program the names of the people in your wedding entourage, including the officiant. Remember that you also have to put the name of the bride and groom. as well as the date of the wedding, the venue of the ceremony and the time. Remember the wedding program is not just a guide for the day but a memorable keepsake for your guests to take home with them.

If you are having a different style of wedding – such as a Hindu wedding ceremony or an Irish one, then you may include in your wedding program format, an explanation of the different parts of the ceremony.

Other things you can put in your program are directions or a map of the reception venue, quotes and sayings, acknowledgments and useful information like that. You can choose what is the most important and prioritize. You don’t have to include everything.

5 Unique Wedding Program Ideas to Impress Your Guests

For some ideas on how you can make unique wedding programs or even DIY wedding programs, here are some things that you can do to personalize your wedding program.

Unique Wedding Programs Ideas and Wording Etiquette Guide

If you’re thinking about your wedding program then we’ve got some tips for unusual and unique wedding programs, ideas and suggestions for your wedding. What about wedding program wording etiquette? Are you stuck on what to include? Read our suggestions we know you’re gonna like…

Especially if you are having a church wedding, you may need to prepare wedding ceremony programs to guide your guests on what will happen and what to do during the ceremony. For small weddings, this might not be necessary but will be really appreciated by your guests. Even more, if you are having a non-traditional wedding or a wedding that follows another culture, such as an Irish wedding or a Hindu wedding, then you will need a wedding program for your guests.


What to Put on Your Wedding Program and Wording Etiquette

So what about program etiquette and the wording for wedding programs? Well, your wedding program basically contains the sequence of activities and events during your wedding ceremony – from the processional to when the candles are lighted, and the exchange of vows.

You also have to include on your wedding program the names of the people in your wedding entourage, including the officiant. Remember that you also have to put the name of the bride and groom. as well as the date of the wedding, the venue of the ceremony and the time. Remember the wedding program is not just a guide for the day but a memorable keepsake for your guests to take home with them.



If you are having a different style of wedding – such as a Hindu wedding ceremony or an Irish one, then you may include in your wedding program format, an explanation of the different parts of the ceremony.

Other things you can put in your program are directions or a map of the reception venue, quotes and sayings, acknowledgments and useful information like that. You can choose what is the most important and prioritize. You don’t have to include everything.


5 Unique Wedding Program Ideas to Impress Your Guests

For some ideas on how you can make unique wedding programs or even DIY wedding programs, here are some things that you can do to personalize your wedding program.

Add Something Useful – Particularly for summer weddings when it can get hot in churches or outdoor locations of the ceremony, you might want to make a wedding program that is also a fan. You can print your wedding program on square cardboard with rounded edges, design it with borders, add wooden handles to the bottom, and voila! you now have a wedding program that can also double as a fan on hot summer days.Creative Comics or Magazine Style programs – If either or both of you are comics lovers, then you can turn your wedding program into a comic-like design. You can make one with a magazine style layout as well. When it comes to unique wedding ideas, there are a lot of creative ways you can explore and try with your wedding program – as long as it serves its purpose.

Make a Scroll! – Yes, turn your program into a medieval scroll. Simply print your wedding program, attach wooden sticks to the upper and lower end of your paper and roll it. Then fasten it with ribbons that match your wedding color. You could even color your wedding program paper in the style of an old parchment. This idea would work really well if your wedding is in a castle or old historic building – It would certainly make your wedding program unique and all your guests would love it!

Simple Programs with Decorations. If you want to make some cheap wedding programs then you can print your program on basic card and add an embellishment that represents the theme of your wedding to make a stylish wedding program. You can add gold ribbons, highlight it with other colorful cards or simply place any decoration you think would fit your wedding theme. Remember that unique wedding ceremony programs don’t have to be expensive – keep it simple and elegant.

DIY Programs with Photos – If you have the necessary equipment to print your own wedding program, then do so. You can actually print your prenuptial picture, turn it into a watermark (a little photoshop skill may be needed but you can find a lot of resources online to do this) and then print your wedding program on it. Join and tie several pages of your program with a ribbon to finish it off. Personalized wedding programs are often the best type.

Read about choosing songs for a church ceremony – ideas and advice guaranteed to help your wedding.

These are just a few tips that can serve as your guide to wedding programs that you can do yourself, as well as unique ideas for wedding programs that you can explore and use. Just make sure the program is readable and can serve its purpose – even if it is presented uniquely.

How about your wedding program? Got any unique ideas, comment, tweet, let us know…..

Bridal Wedding Processional Ideas and Etiquette for Your Ceremony

Bridal Wedding Processional Ideas and Etiquette for Your Ceremony

When it comes to wedding processional ideas, many couples are tied to the traditional way of doing it because of the rules of etiquette that you are bound to follow when it comes to weddings. Especially if you are having a church wedding, then you have no other choice but follow the rules of the church when it comes to wedding processional guidelines.

When thinking about church weddings, it’s important to remember wedding processional etiquette – but as modern weddings have more freedom when it comes to wedding venues, a number of unique processional ideas have also come up. Although there are some churches that are not that strict when it comes to the wedding ceremony, the couple can even create their own way of walking down the aisle. If you haven’t seen the JK Wedding entrance video on YouTube, which became viral, I suggest you watch it and see how times have changed when it comes to wedding ceremony processional and choice of wedding processional song.

Some people are tired of listening to Canon in D or to the Bridal Marchhere comes the bride…. All dressed in white” wedding processionals. These days, wedding planning has evolved into breaking traditions without being rude, while keeping to rules of etiquette. If you are a bride-to-be who wants to explore the world of uniqueness for your upcoming wedding, you most probably are looking for everything unique – unique wedding processional, unique wedding processional songs, unique bridal gown, unique wedding reception ideas, unique first dance and so on and so forth. and there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone wants their own personal wedding. Most brides want to be first and want to impress their guests with something new and as long as it won’t put their guests’ safety on the line, and there is nothing improper about it, then everything is fine. Want more? We got great ideas when it comes to wedding songs for a church ceremony – traditional and modern.

If you are looking for wedding ceremony ideas, especially when it comes to walking down the aisle, here are a few suggestions that you may want to consider. However, you should first make sure that it’s allowed, depending on the type of wedding you are planning.

Dance Down the Aisle – Yes, the name says it all. Instead of formally walking down the aisle, some couples dance their way to the altar – together with the wedding party just like the JK wedding entrance. However, this may not be acceptable in some churches for some priests or the officiating officer, so make sure you are given the green-light before attempting to have this type of processional.

  •  Serenade Me. One wedding I attended was memorable because the groom sang while the bride was walking down the aisle. If your groom has great talent for singing or even playing the saxophone, then you can actually make your wedding procession a sort of ‘serenade’.
  • Order of Wedding Processional – If the unique wedding ceremony suggestions above are not feasible for you and your wedding entourage, then you can also choose your wedding processional order to walk down the aisle. For some, the gentlemen walk down the aisle first, wait for the ladies and meet each one of them halfway and walk with them onwards. In some cases, the gentlemen use one aisle and the ladies the other, meeting at the altar. For some, especially for weddings held outdoors, the gentlemen in the wedding party walk in together first then they wait for the bridal processional to walk in one by one, or the bride and groom walk in together.

We’ve got some tips for unusual and unique wedding programs ideas and suggestions for your wedding. Indeed, there are a number of variations for the wedding party processional ‘walk down the aisle’. You can also choose different ideas for your processional music and wedding processional songs to match the idea that you have for the processionals. You can find modern wedding processional music these days that can match your preferences as well.

The Top 10 Best Beach Wedding Destinations on The Planet

The Top 10 Best Beach Wedding Destinations on The Planet

Once you’ve decided on a beach wedding – the world truly can be your oyster!  There are many wonderful beach wedding destinations in all corners of the globe and as many ‘best places’ lists as there are counties in the world.  Here is our list of the very best locales on the planet:

Hawaiian Beach Wedding

1.  Maui, Hawaii – There are dozens of gorgeous beaches on each of the islands of the Hawaiian chain – but arguably, Kapalua Bay Beach, Maui, is one of the most breathtaking!  This beach is situated between two lava points, shaping the shore into a near-perfect crescent. The beach is also renowned for its tranquil surf, making it an ideal backdrop for your perfect day. The best time of day for a wedding is near sunset when crowds of sunbathers will be gone for the day and the setting sun will give your ceremony a glorious golden glow.

California Beach Wedding

2. Coronado California – situated on an island near San Diego accessible by a stunning curved bridge, this ultimate California beach wedding destination this beach has the added attraction of the magnificent Hotel Del Coronado as its backdrop (think “Some Like It Hot” but in glorious real life Technicolor!)  The sunsets here are breathtaking, and the Hotel Del is a perfect place for your honeymoon after the ceremony!

Florida Beach Wedding

3. Jekyll Island, Georgia boasts one of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in the U.S.  Unlike some beach wedding destinations, the climate at Jekyll Island – one of Georgia’s barrier islands – the weather is mild and pleasant all year around.  The beaches here are famous for the natural occurrence of beautiful seashells, as well as their unique and ever changing character– unspoiled by encroaching development.  A perfect destination to evoke Southern charm!

Nantucket Beach Wedding

4. Nantucket Massachusetts – With fifty miles of shoreline to choose from Nantucket can easily be your ideal beach wedding destination as well as a perfect place for your honeymoon. Located 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, the area is rich in history but also boasts an array of great restaurants, fun bars and quaint shops as well as an excellent luxury spa and resort, the Waiwinet.

Like the idea of getting away but want to do it on a budget? Check out our inexpensive destination wedding locations.

Fort Myers Beach Wedding

5. Fort Myers.   Florida offers an entire state full of beautiful, sunny coastline to choose from — and one of the most popular and scenic beach wedding destinations is Fort Meyers. The beaches here are rated some of the safest on earth with their shallow waters and lack of undertow, and are wide and unspoiled.  The surrounding area is unique with beautiful architecture and a variety of quality accommodations.  Sailing, kayaking, swimming are just a few of the post ceremony honeymoon activities that the area offers and the city itself has museums, art galleries, historic attractions and a great  nightlife.

Looking for more? Check out the best top ten honeymoon destinations in the world

Costa Rica Beach Wedding

6. Costa Rica has, in recent years become the “go-to” destination for not only just because of its beautiful beach locales but its affordability.  For less than the price of renting a wedding venue in the US, the Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa in Guanacaste can design the wedding of your dreams. The resort has on-site, fully certified wedding planners who can aid you in every detail, from a customized menu to legal requirements, travel arrangements – even your wedding cake and photography.   The resort is located right on the most beautiful beach that Costa Rica has to offer, and is one stop shopping for both ceremony and honeymoon.  The resort is surrounded by lush rainforest giving it a sense of privacy and isolation, but is still near enough to the city to offer a variety of non resort nightlife options as well.

Tahiti Beach Wedding

7. Tahiti. French Polynesia – Long famed as an exotic vacation locale, the beauty of Tahiti makes it a no-brainer choice as a perfect beach wedding destination; with six islands in the chain to choose from there no lack of palm shaded sandy coves on which to exchange your vows.  One of the greatest options available here (though not legally binding-so think of it as an add-on to your legal ceremony) is the chance to have your union solemnized in a traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony.  A local priest offers a wedding blessing as you and your lover exchange leis and at the end you are both enfolded in the tifaifai – a handmade Tahitian quilt! Pure magic!

Sardinia Wedding on The Beach

8. Sardinia Italy – Is there any place more romantic on earth than Italy? Generations of poets and artists will tell you no!  The Island of Sardinia is located just south of Corsica in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and offers dozens of pristine beaches all along its coast including the breathtaking beach at Costa Verde.  Scenic and historic wonders abound – Roman Ruins at Nora, museums in the capital of Cagliari—and Rome itself is only an hour away by air.  Bellisima!

Puerto Vallarta Beach Wedding

9. Puerto Vallarta Mexico – Located on the beautiful Pacific Coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has been a prime beach wedding destination for decades.  The city itself abounds in Old World charm, its beaches are breathtaking. There are many hotels, spas and villas that specialize not just in unique, private beach locales but offer full accommodations before and after the ceremony to suit every taste and budget.

A Beach Wedding in The Bahamas

10.  The Out Islands, Bahamas – Located in the beautiful Caribbean, the Out Islands of the Bahamas offer a tropical island wedding experience amongst palm trees, white and pink sand beaches, hibiscus and bougainvillea flowers.  The weather is always beautiful and the Out Islands offer the most privacy and connection to nature available—including quite a few beaches that have never been named! Hotels and resorts abound here—most facing on wide, expansive beaches that could be your perfect beach wedding destination.

For great beach music, Check out our top 10 Jamaican wedding songs and reggae music for your beach wedding.

Any one of these beautiful beaches can offer you the memories of a lifetime in a picture postcard setting! An outdoor beach party is a great place for guests to enjoy themselves and have a good time. You could combine your beach wedding with a beach honeymoon. Need more ideas? Then take a look at our great ideas for planning a wedding ceremony.

Got a favorite top spot you don’t see here?  Comment, tweet – Let us know!.

Inexpensive Destination Wedding Locations

Inexpensive Destination Wedding Locations

Looking for some romantic and inexpensive destination wedding locations? Dreaming of a wedding at a Scottish castle? Maybe a tropical wedding in Cabo San Lucas? Or getting married in a chateau in France? So many beautiful destination spots to choose, how can you make the right choice at the right price?

The thought of getting married like a princess in a castle or a wedding under the tropical sun is indeed something that many brides would love – and in fact, destination weddings are great weddings for couples who are adventurous and who want to take time off for a grand honeymoon afterwards or double their wedding with their vacation.

But how much does it cost to have a dream wedding? Probably the same as having the wedding in your hometown with hundreds of guests, excellent food and wild wedding party afterwards. But of course, a destination wedding does not have to be that expensive.

To help you find those dream locations, here are a few inexpensive destination wedding locations that will not drain your wedding budget.

1. Hawaii Wedding and Honeymoon Packages are Great Value

You can get married in Hawaii for as low as $95 and enjoy the tropical paradise all you want. Get married in Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu and enjoy great discounts if you take advantage of inexpensive destination wedding packages. What’s good with an all inclusive wedding package is that, you don’t have to worry about things when you arrive. The wedding package may already include arrangement of the minister as well as processing your marriage license, but do check that out for yourself and make sure you are getting what you want from the wedding package. While you are in Hawaii, why not spend your honeymoon under the beautiful Hawaiian sun?

2. Mexico Wedding All Inclusive Packages Will Save You Money

Mexico is also a good place to enjoy not only the tropical sun and white beaches but is also a great inexpensive destination wedding location. You can choose Cancun or the popular Cabo San Lucas. Cut cost by using a wedding package. In fact, you can just rent a villa or a house near the beach and have your family and friends stay there. Flights are cheaper to Mexico and you can have a variety of choice when it comes to choosing beachfront villas for your wedding guests as well. Indeed, you can get married there and you and your guests can enjoy a wonderful vacation as well.

3. Caribbean Weddings Make a Romantic Destination

Yes, the Caribbean is one of the most romantic destinations you can ever think of if you want to get married far from home (unless, that is, you live in the Caribbean!)  Anyway, from the powdery white sand to inviting beaches, you can certainly enjoy your wedding and vacation at the same time in this paradise without having to spend so much. Familiar with the white sands of Dickenson Bay? Then you must love to get married to the man you love along the shores of the wonderful Caribbean waters.

4. Palau Wedding Packages to The Island Nation

Island destination weddings are popular and this island nation is one great place to disappear with your bride-to-be and get married. Of course, the island boasts romantic beaches and great resorts that can cater to your destination wedding needs. Although the island is a small one, you don’t have to worry about getting there and returning as there are regular return flights. You can also book a five-star resort without draining your finances and you’ll get a good wedding package all prepared for you.

5. A Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding

You want something that won’t cost so much? Then a Las Vegas wedding might just be what you are looking for. You can get married any time and inexpensively in Vegas and you can also get to enjoy the night life and casinos there. If you think your guests would love to enjoy the great nightlife after the wedding, then Las Vegas may just be one good choice for you. It also makes for an unusual and unique wedding venue.

Cheap Destination Weddings Are Possible

Indeed, you can enjoy a destination wedding without having to spend too much. Making a smart choice on the destination, as well as your booking and smart planning can help you take advantage of great discounts and enjoy a cheaper but no less enjoyable wedding. In fact, sometimes you can spend less on a destination wedding than having all that partying at home.

Do you know an inexpensive yet wonderful locations for a great destination wedding? We would love to know your top destination wedding locations. Leave a comment, tweet, make your own list and share your destination wedding experience. We’d love to hear from you…

Destination Wedding Etiquette Gifts and Invitation Advice

Destination Wedding Etiquette

I get a lot of questions that involve destination wedding gifts etiquette and invitation advice. Yes, at one glance, a destination wedding can be something ideal for those couples who want to tie the knot in a faraway castle or get married on a tropical beach in Mexico. Some guests also find destination weddings a good chance to enjoy a vacation at the same time.

The question of whether there is still the need to bring gifts or not, is one of the things that guests may be wondering about, especially if they think they have already spent a lot on airfare or hotel accommodation.

Brides-to-be may be thinking about the invitations – Who do I invite? How should I word my invitation? Do I ask for a gift? Read on for some advice

Gifts at a Destination Wedding?

Of course, even if you have spent quite a lot just to follow the bride and groom to the location where they are going to tie the knot, it is just proper to bring a gift with you. It does not mean that having to shoulder the airfare gives you an excuse not to give a gift to the couple. There are some practical ways to help you with this. Try not to think about how much you have already spent on travel.

Invitation Wording Etiquette – Inform Guests Early

One thing that you can do when it comes to destination weddings is to inform your guests about the destination as early as possible so they can prepare for the trip and arrange their travel budget. If possible allow at least 6 months in advance, preferably 8 to 10 months.

Destination Wedding Gift Etiquette
& Invitation Etiquette

  • Guests bring a Gift
  • Inform guests Early
  • Think about Who to Invite
  • Guests should Reply Early
  • Cheaper gift OK

Destination Wedding Invitation Etiquette – Consider Who to Invite

For a usual wedding, this would be a lot easier, especially because you have the people near your hometown. For destination weddings, you have to think about your guests who have to pay for travel. You should always consider if your guests can afford to travel to the wedding location and also keep in mind the costs that your guests will incur during the wedding. If you are thinking about costs then inexpensive destination wedding locations could be something to consider. Your destination wedding invitation wording should clearly state the location, the date and how much it will cost.

Usually you have family and friends to invite but when you are planning a destination wedding, you only have to invite your parents, immediate family and friends who are close to you. I told a bride to forget the friends she hasn’t seen in years nor bother about relatives of relatives. I wanted her to have a small guest list as it would also be impractical if many guests couldn’t attend because of location or budget.

First priority on your list – immediate family and close friends and find out if they are willing and able to shoulder the cost of travel.

Guests Should Reply to Their Invitations Early

Destination weddings can be expensive indeed, and if you find it too costly to travel to the wedding location and buy a gift for the bride and groom, then you have a choice of not attending. One reality that couples face when it comes to destination weddings is the fact that invited guests may not show up or may choose not to attend the wedding because of the location and the finances involved. If you choose not to go then send your reply early and they will understand.

It’s estimated that guests can spend $700 to $1500 on attending a destination wedding but gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive, if that is one thing you are thinking. Opt for gifts that won’t cost you so much. For example, get a 50-dollar wine glass, rather than getting that 100 dollar dinnerware set.

Are destination weddings a good idea? What do you think about giving gifts and destination weddings? Comment, tweet, let us know what you think…

Choosing Destination Wedding Men’s Attire for a Beach Wedding

Choosing Destination Wedding

Caribbean? Hawaii? Paris? You are probably thinking of having a destination wedding somewhere tropical where the beaches are electric blue and the sand, pearly white. Or maybe European castles or the Eiffel Tower? What about him? What kind of destination wedding men’s attire are you going to choose?

“What can my man wear for a beach wedding?” A bride once asked me. One dilemma with beach weddings is what to wear. Is swimwear acceptable? Is a suit appropriate? What is the best men’s attire for a beach wedding? Read on ‘cos we got some advice for you…

When it comes to beach wedding attire for men, the first things that come to mind are suits and tux but are they appropriate or even comfortable for a beach wedding? Imagine your groom wearing a tux with slippers on the beach – they may not be the right match. Sometimes a couple can even go barefoot on a beach wedding – but what can a groom wear that is good for a beach venue?

You do have a lot of choices on you want to wear on the day of your wedding but you also have to make sure you are dressed appropriately and not wear something that is not presentable. Another consideration you have to make is to be sure that you are comfortable. Especially in tropical places and summer months, you don’t want to be uncomfortable during your wedding day.

One of the most popular men’s wedding attire for a beach wedding is a linen or cotton shirt and drawstring pants or puckered shorts. Footwear may be sandals or even barefoot. A silky free flowing material for your attire is ideal for beach weddings too.

Choosing the Right Beach Wedding Shirts for Men on The Beach

Beaches! Ah, they are romantic places to get married – but of course, if the bride wants to wear a colorful beach ensemble for the wedding, men may want to opt for colorful Hawaiian shirts or Cuban shirts called Guayabera. White linen shirts can also be a clean, good choice of attire for any beach wedding and can also go well with any beach attire that the woman chooses for herself.

Considering Men’s Wedding Attire for Beach Wedding

Linen shirts – For men’s linen beach wedding attire, a popular choice for men on the beach are linen shirts. Whether you wear it with long or short sleeves, this can be a great option. With long-sleeved linen shirts, you can choose to roll up the sleeves after the ceremony as well for a more casual look. In fact, linen shirts are popular choices when it comes to men’s casual beach wedding attire.

Cotton shirts – Under hot tropical sun, you would love the feel and comfort of cotton shirts. You can also choose to have long or short sleeves. Especially for tropical beaches, you don’t want to be drenched in sweat on your big day, so make comfort a priority along with style.

Suit – A safer choice when it comes to men’s attire for beach wedding style is a suit if you still want to look more formal on your big day. You can choose linen or cotton for comfort.

Guayabera shirt – Thinking of having a destination wedding somewhere in the Caribbean or on a tropical beach? You may want to add that tropical touch to your wedding by wearing a Guayabera shirt. The Guayabera is a button-up shirt that is also a popular wedding shirt, not only in Cuba or the Latin Americas but also becoming widely known in some parts of America and Asia. You can also customize your Guayabera shirt depending on your style preferences as well as your wedding theme.

Hawaiian shirt / Aloha shirt – Hawaiian shirts are printed, short-sleeved, collared ones that may bear some floral prints on it and are in fact, colorful shirts that even the groom can wear on the wedding. They are not just colorful but also comfortable to wear as well. If your bride is thinking of wearing a bathing suit under her sarong for the beach wedding, a Hawaiian shirt or an Aloha shirt may be good for the groom to match the bride’s attire.

Formal Destination Wedding Men’s Suits for Style

If your man is one of those men who doesn’t care what he wears, at least, you have to make sure that he brings and wears something presentable and appropriate for the place you plan to go. If you are going to get married in a European castle, then you surely want your man to bring a suit or a tux. A formal wedding ceremony needs a formal attire, and for men, that can mean suits or tux. Bring one yourself. Suit or tux rentals may be a little hard to find especially if you are somewhere far from the city. But even if the ceremony is formal, you also have to prepare for something you can wear as soon as the fun begins.

Attire for Tropical Weddings Away from Home

No swimming trunks please! Even if your bride is wearing her bikini underneath the sarong as her wedding get-up, you cannot just wear your swimming trunk and say “I do“. Again, linen or cotton shirts can be a great attire for men when going for a beach wedding. Always have them ready before setting to go to your destination. White shirts and linen pants are clean, wise choices for beach weddings.

If the destination wedding you have in mind is something that is not too formal, you can even find an attire on the destination itself. Hawaiian shirts or white cotton shirts paired with colorful Hawaiian shorts may be just what you need to make that destination wedding happen.

Check out our beach wedding destinations Top 10 for the best places on the planet.

Indeed, one of the tricky parts of beach wedding planning – choosing the right attire for the ceremony, it’s different from the formal get-up for a traditional church ceremony. But I say, it should not be something stressful for you. There are many choices and you just have to pick what’s best for your wedding theme and your taste as well.

Looking for inexpensive destination wedding locations? You must read our guide before you decide.

Going on a beach or destination wedding? What clothes do you suggest? Comment and let us know…

How Much are Destination Weddings? – What is The Average Cost?

How Much are Destination Weddings?

How much are destination weddings? Certainly, if you are a bride-to-be, you would ask this question in the hope of finding out if they are cheaper than traditional at-home weddings.

So, roughly how much does a destination wedding cost? How much does a destination wedding cost in the Caribbean? We do the math and give some price examples you can think about…

Indeed, based on my experience with brides-to-be and engaged couples, they tend to be so idealistic during the first few months of planning the wedding but later on realize weddings can be expensive and they tend to slow down on their preferences and expensive choices.

In these days however, many couples are looking into destination weddings – not just because they are a great way to tie the knot in a different location but a way to cut cost, as destination weddings are said to be a lot cheaper than traditional weddings where you have to cater to hundreds of guests and pay for expensive venues. 

When it comes to a destination wedding invite, you only need to invite people very close to you and that would mean around 10 to 30 guests. With your guest list drastically cut, that’s less money you have to spend. But is it really inexpensive to opt for a destination wedding over a traditional one? How much should the bride and groom pay for an exotic wedding?

Expensive Destination Weddings

Depending on your choice of location, the number of guests you are inviting, and the choice of hotel, you can spend as much as traditional weddings cost. In the US, many couples spend about $26,000 for their wedding on an average but many also spent up to $33,000 for a traditional wedding that may cater to more than a hundred guests.

Of course, if you opt for a destination wedding at an expensive location or a place farther from home – plus you are having quite a big guest list and choosing a luxurious hotel, that would mean spending more than what many would consider an expensive traditional wedding in your hometown. If money is no object then you must take a look at our top 10 best beach wedding destinations on the planet.

Medium Cost Affordable Destination Weddings

Distance matters – if you opt for closer but popular destination wedding locations, for example choosing exotic Caribbean destination weddings – the price will work out cheaper than traveling somewhere far. So, for example, how much is the average destination wedding with 20-30 guests? Well, couples can expect to pay about $750 to $1100 per head for the cost of about 3 to 4 nights.

What is good about destination weddings in the Caribbean is that you can find destination wedding packages in most resorts and that can drastically cut down your costs. Of course, you can still enjoy five star hotel accommodation, even if you have a slightly lower destination wedding budget. That can be possible by cutting your list of destination wedding guests even more and of course, choosing affordable destination wedding packages that fit your budget.

Want more? We’ve got some inexpensive destination wedding locations you should check out.

Cheap Destination Wedding Locations

One bride asked me if she could choose a cheap destination wedding. I told her that the cost of a destination wedding actually depends on a lot of factors and if you pay attention to them, you can actually get married in the Caribbean for $15,000. Of course, at around $4000 – $6000 you can also enjoy a destination wedding that is not far from home – such as the beautiful Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. If you want something cheap then you could be in luck – there are now many travel agents that specialize in small destination wedding packages.

Having an exotic wedding?

Jamaican wedding songs would be perfect for you.

It’s true that the average cost of a destination wedding is going to be cheaper than a traditional wedding held in your hometown , but you also have to remember that your wedding cost depends on the choices you make, therefore you can actually make your destination wedding expensive or very affordable – depending on your likes and preferences.

Interested in a destination wedding? Where do you want to go? Comment, tweet, let us know….