Beautiful Wedding Scrapbook Ideas and Layout Tips for a Creative Bride

Beautiful Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

Are you one of those brides who loves to do scrapbooking? You may be looking for wedding scrapbook ideas that will help you display your wedding pictures in the best layout and of course, in the most elegant way.

Instead of just putting all your photos in a photo album, scrapbooking allows you to make your photos more elegant, more creative and more appealing as well.

To help you achieve better presentation of your wedding photos, read on for a few wedding scrapbooking layout ideas on how to achieve beautiful wedding scrapbooking.

Your Scrapbooking Plan

You can work on your scrapbook systematically if you have a plan and a guide to follow, thus before getting too excited about your scrapbook, make an outline on where to put things. Arrange your pictures in a manner that suggests continuity. You just cannot put a picture of the bouquet toss before the exchanging of the vows – of course, you also have to prioritize photos according to their importance. Here is a simple outline that might be of help:

  1. Wedding Preparation – this includes the photos of you and the groom getting ready, the gown and the groom’s attire.
  2. Parents and the Entourage – photos of parents and entourage walking down the aisle
  3. Wedding Ceremony – starting with your walk down the aisle to the exchange of “I Dos” and the kiss.
  4. Wedding Reception – everything about the wedding reception and party
  5. Photos with the Wedding Guests – Photos of the bride and groom together with the rest of the guests in the wedding.

You may also add a few dating photos as well as the bridal shower for the first few pages of your scrapbook and honeymoon photos at the end part of the book, of course, that depends on the space available and if you want a separate scrapbook for that.

Add stories too. This is one thing that you can put in a scrapbook that you don’t usually put in a photo album. Although pictures tell stories, there are still stories behind the photos that you may want to tell through your scrapbooking.

Scrapbook Design

Most likely, your wedding has a theme and one smart idea is just to stick with that theme for your scrapbooking as well. Stick to the same color theme as well to make it consistent and coordinated with the colors of your photographs. You can also choose other colors that complement your wedding theme.

Find a template that best fits your photos and your wedding scrapbook layouts as well. You can find templates online or make your own.

To help you layout your scrapbook pages, here are a number of tips and ideas that you might want to include :

–       Print texts from your computer choosing different font style and sizes, or handwrite them, or cut them out of magazines and newspapers.

–       Scan your marriage license and put it on the page where you have the photo of you both signing it.

–       Write your vows on the page where you have the photograph of you and the groom exchanging vows.

–       Include your wedding invitation at the beginning of your scrapbook.

–       Include fabric from your dress or your bridesmaid’s dresses or include a petal from your bouquet.

–       Include napkins with monogram, ribbons, favors, place cards, and your guest list as well.

–       If you had a Wishing Tree during your wedding, the scrapbook is one good place to include a few wishes.

–       Explore other wedding scrapbook ideas – black and white photos or sepia can also be used.

–       Quotes or poems –  for good wedding scrapbook ideas quotes and sayings can add more beauty to your photos.

These are just a few of the many wedding scrapbook ideas, layouts as well as tips to help you with your wedding scrapbook. You are free to put anything in your book, but always remember one golden rule in scrapbooking – avoid making your pages too busy as it may hide the beauty of your photos.

Got any good ideas for making a scrapbook? Comment, tweet, let us know…

How to Make Flower Hair Clips For Weddings: Cheap and Easy DIY

How to Make Flower Hair Clips For Weddings

In this tutorial, we show you how to make flower hair clips for weddings. It’s one of the simple things you can do for your wedding. You can make flower hair clips for your flower girls or even for your bridesmaid’s hair. Weddings of course, are events where floral accessories are very much needed and this simple project will even save you some money. We also show you how to make flower clips for headbands. Ready for some craft?

Indeed, things like flower hair clips for weddings can be done by yourself and can help you save a few dollars off your wedding budget. Apart from making a floral hair clip for a wedding, you can also make use of these floral hair clips for babies and for your kids as well and learning how to make floral hair clips can be a useful skill that allows you to design and make them anyway you want and in any color your kids want. You could even make a floral hair clip for a wedding gift or favor.

These hair clips are made to suit flower girl hairstyles for weddings.

How to Make Floral Hair Clips for Weddings

Here is a guide on how to make cute flower hair clips for weddings.

Prepare the materials to make your wedding flower hair clips.

You will need:

  • Silk flowers or any artificial flowers
  • Barrette/hair clip/alligator clip
  • Silver buttons, rhinestones, brads or anything you can think of to accent your floral clip at the center.
  • Hot Glue/stick glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Piece of ribbon just enough to cover the clip.
  • Stretchy headbands (if you want to turn it into a headband with flowers)

1. Measure just enough length of the ribbon to cover the clip. You can also choose not to cover the clip if you like the way you hair clip already looks. However, if you are making a hair clip for very young girls, you may want to cover the clip or barrette with ribbon to make it safer for them.

2. With your glue gun, glue the ribbon to your hair clip, making sure that it is the right length and width to avoid cutting. Pinch the ribbons tightly and make sure you have hot glue to make it stick – careful don’t burn your fingers. You can clip it on a ruler or any flat wood to avoid two sides of the clip sticking together. Set it aside for awhile so the glue can dry and set.

3. Get your flower. If the flower has a stem then remove the plastic stem and get rid of its center. You will end up having petals and a hole in the middle. If you want a fuller flower for your hair clip, then use as many flowers you can so you will have more petals to use. Note: the flower we used didn’t have a stem, so we didn’t use a button in the middle.

4. Stack as many petals you want, depending on how the flower looks and how full you want your flower to be. Glue the rhinestone/button to the center. For brads. You just have to insert it in the center hole and fasten it. As soon as you are done with your flower, glue it to your hair clip, making sure that you leave enough space at one end of the hair clip so you can open it easily.

You may need a smaller hair clip though if you want to use small flowers for your homemade hair clips. You can even make hair clips for babies but make sure it’s extra safe. You can attach the flower onto a headband to make sure there are no sharp edges.

Making Homemade Flower Headbands

How about cute flower clips for headbands? Making flower headbands for girls isn’t difficult, once the glue on your flower hair clips has dried, simply attach the clip to your stretchy headband.

There you go! Now you know how to make pinup flower girl hair clips for weddings. For wedding hair clips, they are most useful for flower girls and even for bridesmaids. If you have a little girl, this activity can be fun as well for you to try together.

How To Make A Towel Cake For Bridal Showers

How To Make A Towel Cake For Bridal Showers

Towel cakes… yes, you can make cakes out of towels and they can make unique gifts for bridal showers. In this craft lesson, we’ll show you how to make a towel cake for bridal showers..

Bridal shower towel cakes are actually cakes made out of towels. To learn how to make a towel cake, they are folded and rolled and arranged in such a way that it will look like a cake and of course, they are also adorned with flowers and other embellishments that make it look delicious and beautiful.

One good thing that you can do after you learn how to make a bridal shower towel cake is that, you can make it as a great gift for the bride-to-be. Of course, there is a great difference when it comes to giving the bride-to-be a number of assorted towels than turning those towels into a wedding shower towel cake, which of course, is far more appealing.

If you are interested in learning how to make a wedding shower towel cake for your best friend or sister who is about to get married, here are the bridal shower towel cake instructions…

1. Find a good towel with a surface that can look like a wedding cake, but of course, you can always use regular towels. Other kind of towels or cloths are also good to use for wedding towel cakes, for example, tea towel bridal shower cakes or bridal shower kitchen towel cakes are alright.

One tip is to find towels that have good designs. White towels are popular because they can look like a wedding cake when finished but you can always go for some colored towels, especially with the colors for their wedding or shower theme. Pink can make a good towel cake. Chocolate brown can also be a good towel cake, but of course, any color would do.

2. Prepare 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 wash cloths or face towels.Depending also on the size of your cake, you can also add more later. Choose colors according to what you would like your cake to be.

3. Prepare other materials. You will need:   – Pins (choose those with decorative heads)
– Double sided tape
– Toppers (flowers or anything suitable)
– Ribbons

4. Start by laying out the bath towels lengthwise on the table and fold them into thirds. Make sure the ends and folds are even as they will determine how ‘clean’ your towel cake will look later.

5. Do the same for the other towels and connect them to the first towel with pins, making one long one. Roll them carefully, making sure the edges are straight. Roll them tightly to have a better looking towel cake later.

6. Let the rolled towel stand to make your first tier of the towel cake. (see photo, right) Fasten the edges with pins or tie the rolled towel with ribbons. Make sure that the rolled towel is flat on the top and bottom so that the next tier will lay nicely on top.

7. Now for the smaller towels, fold the hand towels and roll them the same way but make sure they are in proportion to the first tier. Add more hand towels if the size is not proportional. Do the same with the washcloths for the third tier.

8. Stack the rolled towels to create a three-tiered wedding towel cake (see photos).

9. After making a 3-tiered wedding towel cake, tie them up with ribbons to hold them together. Add the toppers you have. You can add the flowers on top of the towel cake and on the sides, just like a real wedding cake. You may also want to add other decors and ribbons depending on the look that you want for your bridal shower towel cake. Organza ribbons, flowers and some greenery are also great additions to your towel cake.

10. For towel cakes for bridal showers, you may also insert some household items on the cake like measuring cups, a whisk, kitchen scissors or anything that can also accent your towel cake at the same time, good gifts for the bride. This is also good if your bridal shower is a kitchen theme or something like that.

Making towel cakes could be one of your fun bridal shower games.

With this simple bridal shower towel cake tutorial, you will soon know how to make towel cakes and can indeed turn those simple towels into an amazing gift that any bride-to-be would love to have for her bridal shower.

Have you tried making a towel cake for a shower or party? Got any good photos? Let us know…

Homemade Wedding Invitations: Ideas to Save Your Wedding Budget

Homemade Wedding Invitations

Weddings can be expensive, so you tend to think of ways on how to cut cost on your wedding expenses when the big day comes, and of course, there are ways to help you save from the small things in your wedding. One of the ways is to opt for homemade wedding invitation ideas.

Based on my personal experience. I would say, invitations are one of the things that you can cut cost from. In fact, it can be a DIY thing. You can be unique with your wedding invitations, be creative and use resources that are readily available. With good choices of card stock, some ribbons, laces and a printer, you can actually make a wedding invitation that is truly your own.

Designs for Homemade Wedding Invitations

A little inspiration for simple designs can help you have a good start with your wedding invitation. I personally suggest you check out some wedding invitations in shops and online and see how they seem to be easy to do on your own. To help you get started, you can find inspiration from these great examples:

These days, modern wedding invitations have become simple yet elegant. Invitation cards have become more modernized and unique, just playing around with some unique fonts. When it comes to craft and DIY invitations, you can choose to have a wedding invitation written in one card together with an RSVP card, and a card for the directions. You can enclose them with thicker card stock, and fasten it with a ribbon of your wedding motif.

You don’t have to be too advanced or go for other complicated details with your invitation. Simple but elegant can mean having a good choice of font, a clean and readable layout, and a good color combination.

Fun Homemade Wedding Invitations

If you are having a fun destination wedding – a beach wedding, or perhaps a garden wedding that is not too formal and stiff, then you can also have the idea of having a fun wedding invitation. One of the modern invitations I have come across these days is the magazine-layout type of wedding invitation which is something new but a creative style that you can do yourself.

You can be creative when it comes to fun invitations. Cartoons, sketches and even making that newspaper-like invitation can be fun and classy at the same time.

Ideas for DIY Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are great DIY projects, especially for creative brides and for those who want to cut cost on their wedding . If you are one of those who are thinking of doing the invitation yourself, you may need to scout different ideas for easy wedding invitations.  First, find materials that you can use for your wedding invites – card stocks of different designs and color, vellum paper, ribbons of your preferred color and design, as well as envelope ideas.

I am also impressed with wedding invitations these days that are creatively placed in a box instead of an envelope. Perhaps it is the new trend and even then, it can still be done at home.

Ideas For Homemade Wedding Invitations

Although you can make simple wedding invitations, you can also other techniques to make your invitation unique and  elegant. One way is to emboss the print on your wedding invitation. You can do this with embossing ink and embossing powder, together with a heating tool. You can also choose to emboss a particular design in your invitation if you don’t want an embossed print. You can find these tools at your favorite craft store and you can practice embossing at home any time before venturing into your final DIY wedding invites.

There are indeed many things that you can do with your wedding invitation, even if you will be doing it yourself. Having that creative design, you surely can have an equally beautiful wedding invitation that is a lot cheaper than what is offered in the shops. Your guests will love them.

Did you try making invitations? Got any tips or advice? comment and let us know.

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Wedding Transportation Guide: Wedding Transport Ideas and Advice

Wedding Transportation Guide

Weddings can mean transporting people from the wedding ceremony site – usually the church to the reception area and if you have quite a number of guests, you may need to at least know some wedding transport ideas for guests to help you make your wedding run as smoothly as possible.

One of the concerns when it comes to wedding day transportation is how to transport the bridal party from the hotel where they dress up to the church or the wedding ceremony venue, and from the church to the wedding reception venue and how to transport guests from the church to the reception area.

This dilemma of how to transport your guests from one place to another and to make them comfortable with the transport, especially that the wedding entourage and your guests are dressed up for the event, you may choose to have a wedding transportation style that also fits your guest’s expected service. Of course, one thing that you should avoid is to leave someone without a ride.

To help you find good ideas, here’s some Wedding transport advice…

Your Wedding Transport Guide

1. Choose a transport system that can carry several people at once. It is not practical and economical to haul people to and fro several times, especially if the reception area is quite far from the church. One of the better wedding transportation ideas that might help is to get a coach or a limo to be able to transport several people at once. Depending on how large the number of expected guests you have, you may want to get 2 or more limos to service your guests, but always bear in mind that having different wedding transportation means additional costs as well.


2. Make sure the drivers knows where to go. This may sound obvious but I’ve attended weddings where the driver didn’t know the way – how embarrassing to be late or end up at the wrong place! Accurate directions should be given to drivers or you can have a wedding transport guide to help you and your guests arrive at the right time and at the right location.

3. Specify time and location for transport. Organize hired wedding cars, coaches, taxis and limos by making sure where to pick up the guests and specify what time they well be picked up.

4. Always prepare for alternative wedding transport should there be failures with your hired transport service. Think about taking out wedding wedding liability insurance in case anything goes wrong.

5. Have someone in charge of the transport system during your big day. They should be responsible with facilitating where the guests go and at what time they will be picked up so that everybody gets in the right bus/car at the right time.

6. Have enough copies of contact information, maps and directions to make sure everyone gets to the place correctly. You surely don’t want to have a guest lost on the road for hours. This is especially true if your reception location is quite far from the church.

7. Check and confirm beforehand about what the chauffeur will be wearing during the big day. Of course, you also want him to at least look good and presentable for such an important event where people are also dressed for the occasion.

8. View the actual bus/cars/ limo that you will be using for your big day. Don’t just rely on pictures. You surely don’t want to be fetched by a limo that can break down any time.  Do check for alternatives as well in case this may happen.

9. One of the cost saving wedding day transportation ideas is to save on the cost of transportation and let the bus, coach or limo take 2 trips from the church to the reception venue to save cost. However, this should only be considered if your reception area is just near the church and you have plenty of time to allow the vehicles to come back for the rest of the guests and have them at the reception area before the party starts.

10. Have someone take charge of the parking, especially if there’s no valet service. You can place some signs in the area to help guide guests on where to park and where to go.

Of course, whatever wedding car ideas you are choosing, make sure everything is arranged and well-agreed upon before the big day. Be sure that deposits and payments are made and prompt services are expected on the day of your wedding.

Got any funny wedding transportation stories? Comment and let us know…

Simple Wedding Car Decoration Ideas: Creative and Fun Decorations

Simple Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

Looking for simple wedding car decoration ideas? Everything is set for your wedding but you might forget one detail before everything is set for your big day – wedding car decorations.

Decorating your car can range from more formal floral ones to something fun and hilarious. Whichever you choose, there are a number of simple yet creative wedding car decoration ideas that can help you get started.

Wedding Car Decoration Flower Arrangement

Fresh flowers are good for your wedding car although you can also use silk as your wedding car decoration flowers. You can have your florist design the layout of your car decoration. You can have some green running from the side mirrors to flower arrangement on the front. You can also have a floral arrangement running diagonally on the hood of the wedding car, adding green as well. You can include the back of the car and add small flower accents at the door.

Other simple wedding car decoration designs include putting teddy bears or bows along with the flowers – so cute!

Wedding Car Decoration Ideas – Fun and Hilarious Decors

Aside from flowers, you can also have fun car decors for your wedding car. A heart-shaped decor with the words ‘Just Married’ is also a creative option. ‘We’ve tied the knot’ is another text option. You can also include your names and the date of the wedding. Others would opt for a ‘Just Married’ decal at the car window.

For wedding car decoration designs; funny ways are also good. Tin cans hanging at the rear of the car are also fun ways of telling everyone that you just got hitched. Aside from tin cans, balloons can also be good décor. Just married car decorations that resemble chalk writing or spray paint can also be a wacky way of decorating your wedding car.

If you have run out of ideas on how to decorate your car, maybe your wedding theme can give you a hint. Going for a beach wedding? why not put a big, colorful surfboard on top of your wedding car? Going for a Hawaiian theme wedding? Why not dress up your wedding car with something that resembles a grass skirt?

What about putting butterflies all around your wedding car to match your butterfly wedding theme? Having a Disney inspired wedding? Why not put Mickey and Minnie mouse on top of your wedding car?

You can also put your personal touch into your car décor. Are you a fashionista? Then why not opt for animal prints on your balloons and even have animal print decals that can change your wedding car into a tiger on the street?

When it comes to wedding car decoration designs, funny and hilarious ones often get the attention and of course, help put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Wedding Car Decoration – Craft and Creative Decoration

A large tulle bow can also be a creative way to decorate your wedding car. You can either accentuate it with flowers or other decors. Ribbons and bows with the print ‘Just married’ on it is also another thing you can do.  Balloons with ‘Just married’ prints are one of the better ideas for decorating a car for a wedding..

A ‘Just married’ flag on your car’s antenna is also another simple yet elegant car decoration idea. Elegant car decals for wedding cars that will add to your design are also great and elegant ideas for wedding cars.  An over-sized replica of your wedding ring placed at the hood of the car is also another unique idea.

From balloons, bows, flowers, stuffed toys, rings, ‘Just married’ flags, tin cans and pompoms, you can indeed find  good ones to put in your wedding car. You just have to think of a design that is truly you or something unique, or something elegant and classy.

When you are decorating your wedding car, remember that it is one of those things that not just your guests will see – so if you want to make a good impression, then find something unique and fun about your wedding car decoration.

How about your wedding car decorations? Got any funny photos? Comment and let us know…

Something Blue Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Something Blue Ideas for Your Wedding Day

“Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue” – every bride-to-be must have come across such wedding custom. I, for one, have been working with brides for quite some time and they always have a word or two about their ‘something borrowed” or their “something blue” ideas.

The ‘something old’ can be easily found – an old piece of jewelry that will match your wedding dress, or an old shoe that you think is still a good pair for your wedding gown – or probably an old purse that matches your gown. You can have tons of options for something borrowed and for sure, almost all of what you wear and have can fall into the ‘something new’ category.

What about ‘something blue ideas’ for weddings?

Especially if your wedding color is far from blue – say your wedding color is pink, then how can you put in something that is blue in your wedding?

Something Blue Ideas for Brides

Having something blue in a pink-wedding can indeed be a little tricky but here are a few ideas that might help you put that blue in your wedding.

Something blue in your bouquet.  Hydrangeas are popular blue flowers and that can also accent a summer bouquet idea or a bouquet of varying colors. Even with white and even pink roses, you can add a little blue hydrangeas to make your bouquet beautiful.

Ribbons or flowers for your hair. If you are wearing a birdcage veil, you can add something blue in the flower or ribbon on your veil. You can also add a little blue or teal or other shades of blue to your hair  flower.

Blue ribbons for the rings. Small ribbons often are used to fasten the wedding rings on the pillow and if putting a powder blue ribbon on those rings don’t make it look tacky, then that can be another idea to put that something blue in. If it does not however fit in, then forget about it. It is hard to just put the something blue anywhere just to have a place to put it in. Make sure it is also elegantly done.

An anklet with a blue gemstone or a blue crystal.

A hair accessory with something blue or teal on it can also be one.

A tinge of blue in your nail polish!

A powder blue or light blue barrette.

Something blue in the bride’s hanky – whether a monogram of their names or a simple design on it. And why not have a pair of shoes with blue soles?

Something Blue Ideas For Wedding Dresses

Blue garter – You might be rolling your eyes imagining what it would be like to have such blue garter on your thighs on your wedding day. Remember, you don’t have to have the entire garter in blue. You can just add a little blue lace at the sides, or have a small pink and blue ribbon that will complement each other on your chosen wedding motif.

A brooch with something blue. You can also choose teal instead of blue. Opt for light blues. They are a lot more attractive in weddings.

A lingerie with something blue in it can also be a good choice especially if your wedding color is far from the complements of blue, so you get to hide that ‘something blue’ and not become something that is so out of the wedding color.

Of course, you can also add a tinge of blue into your wedding dress – perhaps very light blue beads if you are having blue as the wedding color.

You can also add something blue in your bridesmaid dresses or their bouquets.

Something Blue Examples Of Weddings

Blue ribbons for the corsage is also another option for that something blue.

Something blue designs for weddings may also apply to invitations, to the reception venue decoration and even to the song choice you have for your wedding. It can be fun to follow such old wedding customs and you can be proud that you have kept the custom alive.

Did you have something blue for your wedding? Got a special story? Comment and let us know

How many witnesses needed for a wedding?

How many witnesses needed for a wedding?

So how many witnesses for a wedding? When tying the knot it’s a legal requirement to have people witness the event but how many do you need to witness your happy occasion? We’ve got answers and advice for you…

How many witnesses?

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and for your good question as well. For you to get married, whether at a courthouse or at a church, you will only need 2 people to sign as witnesses for the wedding to be officially acknowledged.

Of course, you don’t need to have as many as 20, which can already be your entire expected wedding guests.You can have 2 witnesses and cut the cost of having more than that. However, if you want to be extra special and be flanked by so many wedding witnesses for your wedding photos, then go ahead, you actually have the choice to choose how many witnesses you want but only 2 of them get to officially sign as witnesses.

Witnesses at a Courthouse Wedding.

The same is true if you are getting married at a courthouse, you are only required to have 2 witnesses. They will be your legal witnesses as they are the ones that get to sign the marriage papers. If you want more then it depends on how large the the courthouse is where you get to say your ‘I Dos’, the judge may allow you to have other ‘witnesses’ or ‘ guests’ at your wedding.

Requirements for Wedding Witnesses.

Keep in mind too that there are age requirements for your witnesses. Some may require witnesses to be age 18 and above and other requirements such as the witness should be able to understand the language used in the wedding ceremony.

In other cultures however, the number of witnesses depends on how many you want and they also get to sign the marriage papers. If you are planning for a destination wedding or you plan to marry somewhere else then make sure you also get to learn their own guidelines and rules.

How many witnesses did you have at your ceremony? Got any interesting stories? Comment and let us know.

Unique Wedding Proposals and Engagement Ideas

Unique Wedding Proposals and Engagement Ideas

Every woman dreams of being proposed to in the most romantic way and of course, if you are a man trying to propose marriage to your woman, it is just right to think of some creative and unique wedding proposals and engagement ideas that can make the moment memorable.

If you have been thinking of proposing to your fiancée, then there are actually a hundred and one unique wedding proposal ideas on how to do it to make it memorable and romantic.

Of course, there are also important tips that you need to keep in mind to be able to pull it off successfully. If your fiancée is the type that hates cheesy and mushy proposals, then you have to find a way that can truly make it romantic for her.

If some women love the attention of getting marriage proposals in public, some may find it embarrassing and unromantic, so make sure you also weigh things up before making your move. To help you find the best way to propose to your fiancée, here are some ideas that might help you.

Food Art for a Unique Proposal

One of the most common ideas for wedding proposals you probably see often on TV is to hide the ring in the food during dinner. You can see rings hidden in ice creams, chocolates and any kind of dessert. If you think you can pull off a good proposal through dinner, then go ahead. For sure, you would need help from the chef if you are dining out and you can also ask the chef to add the words in chocolate sauce “will you marry me?” on her plate or in the frosting or have them written on a small piece of paper stuck at the bottom of the cake.

High-tech e-Proposal

These days, you can actually put into use your electronic gadgets as well as the internet for your unique proposal. You can record a video on her phone or digital camera making the proposal and ask her to upload the videos you have made on her cam or you can also tell her you have something to send her through Bluetooth – you can send a photo of you with the proposal written on it or you can send a video as well.

If you are looking for unique marriage proposal ideas,you can also upload videos on YouTube or create a website with a flash presentation of your proposal. Think of a way to make her open that website without any hints of the proposal.

Follow her one day and text her what she’s wearing and what she’s doing. If she’ll look for you around, text her directions on how to go to you – you may be sitting at a restaurant, preparing for the proposal. Be careful not to look like a stalker if you do this in public.

Intimate Private Proposals

If your fiancée has expressed dislike regarding public proposals (you might have heard her say something against public proposals that went wrong, thus you can take a hint from that), then you have to go private and find romantic marriage proposal ideas even if you are proposing from home.

You can slip the ring on while your fiancée is sleeping and prepare her breakfast. This would be something romantic for her and a great surprise if she notices the ring on her finger!

The classic way to propose at home is to set up a candle lit hallway leading to where the ring is. You can also put petals leading to where the ring is or some notes directing her to several locations in and out of the house leading to the ring.

Public Proposals for the Ambitious

Unique wedding proposals can also be done publicly. One of the popular ones that made it to the news is that man who proposed marriage to his flight attendant fiancée onboard the plane at thousands of feet above the ground. Marriage proposals during half time at basketball games and other sporting events are also among popular ones. You can meet your fiancée at the airport and propose to her right there. Of course, if you decide to go public, make sure you are confident enough to make it successful and make sure your fiancée will not be embarrassed.

Indeed, there are a lot of creative marriage proposal ideas you can do for your fiancée and your choice depends largely on what works for both of you.

How did you propose? Got any funny stories? Comment and let us know…

How To Build A Chuppah: Wedding Chuppah Ideas and Instructions

How To Build A Chuppah

Ever wondered how to build a chuppah? If you’ve been to a Jewish wedding then you’ve most likely seen a chuppah. These days, more and more couples are building a chuppah for their wedding. If you like the sound of a DIY chuppah project then we’ll give you some wedding chuppah ideas and instructions on how to make a chuppah for your special day…

What is a Chuppah Wedding Canopy?

A chuppah is a canopy that covers the couple during the wedding ceremony and chuppahs can range from a simple wrap-around used as a chuppah, to a lavishly decorated chuppah of flowers and crystal beads. Building a chuppah for weddings has become popular. If you are interested in learning how to build a wedding chuppah, here is a simple guide that you can start with.

Installing Different Types of Chuppah

Human suspended Chuppah

When it comes to Jewish wedding traditions; chuppahs, or wedding canopys have some rules attached to them – the Jewish wedding chuppah should not be overly elaborate or lavishly decorated. In fact, when you base it on tradition, the basic human suspended chuppahs are recommended. If you have this type of wedding chuppah, you can just have the tallis (the cloth that serves as the canopy) attached to four wooden poles then have the poles held by wedding guests above the couple’s head.

Wooden chuppah

For a sturdier chuppah you can learn how to build a wooden chuppah. It is made of wood that may look like arbors, only with tulle added at the top and some flowers may be added at the corners for accent. Some followers of strict Jewish tradition may not be agreeable to arbor-like chuppahs, thus you can opt for wooden poles (some use 2×2 wood for the frame) and add in the tallis or tulle on top. This can be sturdy enough to stand by itself and to withstand the wind, especially for outdoor weddings.

Birch Branch Chuppah

As simple as a birch branch chuppah, it’s one good thing that you can have for your wedding and it won’t cause raised eyebrows from those who want to stick to what is the right kind of chuppah according to tradition. To know how to build a wedding chuppah made of birch branch, you just have to attach the tallis, tulle or a veil to it and have your groomsmen hold each of the 4 posts.

Four Pole Chuppah covered with flowers

These days, different types of chuppahs have emerged and in fact, you can often see chuppahs that are elaborately designed. Many are opting for modern chuppahs that are adorned with flowers from the poles to the frame. In fact, some are even decorated with crystals but you don’t have to go that far. A simple four pole chuppah can be made of PVC poles. You can cover the PVC pipes with a little greenery or vines, connected with PVC connectors. You can also make use of steel poles and fasten them to the ground to make the chuppah stand firmly and steadily on its own.

How to Make A Chuppah – Fastening it to the Ground

Whether you are having an outdoor or indoor wedding, you need to have a chuppah that can withstand any disturbances from the wind, especially if you have a freestanding wedding chuppah design. To build your own sturdy chuppah, put the poles into a PVC pipe set into a flowerpot and covered partly with concrete.

You can also have a PVC frame for the chuppah and anchor it with concrete to be sure it won’t fall down on your guests. Umbrella stands can also be a good way to make your chuppah stand strong against anything that can topple it down.

For the canopy, fasten the fabric with screws to each of the poles. Loop the fabric and attach them to the poles.

Of course, if you plan to build your own chuppah it can be easy and in fact, you don’t need to have something that is overly decorated. All you need is to have something that sticks to tradition and something that will not topple down onto your guests on your wedding day.

Ever made a DIY wedding chuppah? What kind of design would you go for? Let us know…